28 May 2011

DIY: Perpetual Calendar Journal

Do you use Pinterest? I am guessing not, because I don’t hear it discussed much, and I don’t seem to know many people on it. Pinterest is a place where you can stick all those neat pictures and ideas, link back to the original site, and browse others’ pins to see what else is newfangled and hip. I hear it’s similar to Tumblr, but since I am often resistant to the Next Big Thing I’ve never used Tumblr. Alls I know is that Pinterest has a lot of pretty pictures of houses and food, and I have a thing for houses and food. So I’m an avid Pinner.

One of the things I pinned recently was this perpetual journal calendar featured on Design*Sponge:

While I wouldn’t be interested in that for myself right now – clearly, I document the minutiae of my life with long paragraphs on the internets – I thought that would be excellent for someone who was about to have a baby. Babies grow so fast that something interesting happens almost every day for a few years. And guess what! At the time Mr. P’s sister was expecting! New project! I adore projects.

So over a weekend spent at my parents’ house, I put it all together. The link above shows a step-by-step, so I won’t here. The big change I made was deciding that an old fruit box is terrible for long-term storage. I mean, it’s meant to hold stuff that rots in a matter of weeks. The whole point of this calendar is that it’s used for several years. So although the fruit box is sweet, and it’s easier to get the cards out, I found a plastic box that was a nice size and packed it all in there.

I stuck pretty paper around the inside of the clear box to "line" it. Mr. P’s sister and her husband were expecting a boy, so I figured blue was a good choice.

The months are separated with more pretty paper. I bought new pretty cardstock for this project, which is normally something I refrain from splurging on. But this was so pretty and oh look! TONS OF LEFTOVERS FOR ME!

Hand-stamping the dates took less than a couple hours, I think. I don’t know, it was the day of the Kentucky Derby, and the nonstop coverage of that is like being stuck in the Groundhog Day movie. The passage of time loses all meaning when you’ve heard for the dozenth time that there is a female jockey and OMG she might win! (Spoiler alert: she did not.)

When I took these photos I highlighted the due date of our new nephew, who was set to join us on the 25th. And sure enough he did! Welcome, Mr. P's nephew! I have seen many photos but I can't wait to meet him in person in a few months.

Unfortunately I waited until the eleventh hour to mail off this project to the growing family in Chicago. So it may be a little too last-minute to be enjoyed with a whole new human being already in the home, but that’s okay. I enjoyed making it and sending it to them, at least.

Time spent:
About three hours or so to cut the 4x6 notecards in half, stamp them, cut the other cardstock to fit, and put it all together

Giant excess of 4x6 notecards because Staples didn’t sell less than 500 in a package: $6
Cardstock pack: $8
Date stamp: $4
Plastic container from Hobby Lobby: $3
Ink pad and paper cutter: already owned
Total cost: $21

Granted, I now have all the supplies (minus the plastic boxes and a few more notecards) to make at least two more, so the cost is a little inflated. But hey, two more! WHO WANTS TO HAVE A BABY?!