26 May 2011

Thirty by thirty: family, #2-4

Here’s a factoid about me you could probably guess: I outline everything I write. I outline scientific papers, I outline thank-you notes, I outline my grocery list so I don’t have to walk all the way back across the store to retrieve that box of pasta because I wrote it down after the milk. The thirty by thirty list got the same treatment. I wanted to make sure that I included the practical with the fun and, yes, a bit of navel-gazing. So, I divided the list up into categories...

Personal Development

...and filled in each one accordingly.

You already know the first item on the list which I considered to be a “family” item. It could fit into other categories, I know, but the point is to blog about my family for my family (and friends that are like family), so it’s “family”.

List items #2-7 also fall into the family category. Here we go:

#2: Sell our house

I bought a house in 2006 when I was 23 and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and convinced LIKE EVERY OTHER PERSON IN AMERICA that a house was an excellent investment. And we all know how that one turned out! I still adore my house, and it was the right house for me, but I’m certain it’s decreased in value. I used funds to purchase my house that were in an account that also lost value, so there was no coming out ahead with the economy pooping out like it did. And at least I have lived in my house, and used it. Otherwise I'd still be living in an apartment where I would just open my statements and watch the balance decrease and sigh ruefully.

But it’s just about time to move on to a new place, and new things, and we have this giant chunk of change that is composed of drywall and plumbing and some wiring. I would prefer to have just the chunk of change. It’s going to be a pain to sell it, putting in all the work to make it pretty for someone else and then suffer the agony of still losing money on it. It’s got to be done though, because this never was a forever home for my family.

#3: Organize important family paperwork

Guys, this is how all my crucial, important, life-defining paperwork is stored right now:

I guess maybe it’s better than a giant pile of papers because there are some folders in there, but the folders lost meaning years ago when I just started shoving paperwork in wherever it would fit. There’s a car title in there, somewhere? I hope? Information about my mortgage and a few iterations of insurance policies that have been updated as life dictates? My fingerprints from age five, when my mom enrolled me some police program in case I ever got kidnapped? Bank statements from closed accounts, letters from the IRS informing me that ONCE AGAIN I did my taxes incorrectly? Maybe a social security card? Or two? And my passport, oh geez, where is my passport? Seriously, that’s my best guess. Mr. P keeps his important stuff in a lockbox in an entirely different room, shunning the paperwork disaster that is my office closet.

We’ve been married almost a year, so it’s time for a little paperwork storage marriage as well. This means I am facing a major purge and re-organization, which I would put off indefinitely if I could. And now I cannot! Also included in the plan: figure out a system more useful than “make a few dozen manila folders and then shove paperwork in the shelf around the folders for the next six years”.

#4: Stop taking birth control pills

WHOA WHOA WHOA we got all personal there quickly, didn’t we! My apologies. This is the “family” category after all though. I’ll keep it brief.

I’d like to have a kid someday. That day is not when I am in graduate school. That day is probably also not right after I turn thirty (sorry Mom). But the idea of taking hormones daily – even in small doses – for all the years until it’s that day really skeeves me out. I’m really not a fan of taking them right now, but it's the right choice for us while I’m in graduate school and we made that choice with the intention that it was temporary. Once I have my degree, it’ll be time to rethink the other options. The options besides “have a baby”, that is. MOM. Or... maybe that one too.

The list continues in later posts! Stay tuned!