21 June 2011

Anniversary the first

Just in case you missed it when I casually mentioned it here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, Sunday was our first wedding anniversary! Mr. P and I have officially entered Year Two. So far, so good.

To celebrate a successful Year One, we went out to dinner on Friday night. I ended up unintentionally re-creating our Italian honeymoon, as we dined al fresco and I had a margherita pizza (tomato, basil, mozzarella). Once I realized what I was doing, it didn’t bother me that it was a bit warm and humid, or that the “al fresco” dining was practically in a parking lot. In Italy, “al fresco” means a bunch of chairs and tables blocking the sidewalk on a busy street such that if you lean back too far while enjoying your fettucine you’ll get hit by a moped. Someone even started smoking behind us and instead of annoying me I was all “SI! AUTENTICO!”

As for Mr. P, he had a steak. It was an anniversary present to himself after spending one year married to someone who can’t cook steak.

After dinner we headed to the same hotel where we spent our wedding night. Swanky, right? Mr. P had already checked in earlier that day while I was at work, and when we entered he had already started our wedding DVD playing. Everybody, “awwww”.

While watching the three-hour-long ceremony (I kid! Only a little!) we also got to finally have the much-anticipated anniversary cake and lemon-almond ice cream. That’s right, cake and ice cream. It was a birthday party for our marriage.

Mr. P had planned for us to visit the zoo and the botanical gardens on the next day, but the forecast called for scattered storms. Eh, no big. There were pop-up storms on the day of our wedding, too. An hour of rain and then we were good to go! So we figured this year, there would be several hours between rain when we could go see the animals (baby clouded leopards! I repeat, BABY! CLOUDED! LEOPARDS!).

When we got ready to leave the hotel around nine o'clock the next morning, this was the view out the window:

Um. That is not scattered. That is an Independence Day Mothership Storm hovering over Nashville. It never left completely and the whole day was dreary. While we wouldn’t have minded being out the rain, we figured the animals at the zoo would have more sense than us and take cover. So we decided to push back some of the plans for a sunnier date and instead watched the first season of Sherlock, with which I am now OBSESSED, and some other movies that are unimportant because they aren’t Sherlock.

So we got to have a low-key weekend hanging out with each other and eating cake, which was pretty much a perfect celebration. On Sunday we went to church as usual (same place we got married) and then braved the Father's Day crowd to have brunch at a favorite local restaurant. Mr. P again had steak. Perhaps I should take the hint and lift my moratorium.

We also exchanged presents made of the traditional first anniversary material, paper:

Turns out we got each other exactly the same thing, without planning or hinting about it. Guess that means we belong together – a good sign for the years to come, eh?

One more bit of wedding anniversary news – I knooow, but it’s project-related! Pinky promise. Check back tomorrow for that!