11 June 2011

DIY: paper hat trick

It seems that I’ve already started a habit of posting DIY projects here on Saturdays, eh? I’ve got a good one in the works, but I haven’t had quite enough time to write it all up yet. Sorry. So I’m going to punt for this third Saturday of DIY and show you a three simple little projects I made recently. Trust me, I realize they are not original at all. But you’re coming here for my sparkling wit more than the original ideas anyway, right? Heh? Bueller?

Anyway, as part of the 30 by 30 list, but also to help clean up the house to sell, and to move, and to please that part of me that enjoys empty spaces, I’ve been cleaning out the office closet. It is a MONUMENTAL job worthy of its monumental own post. I keep finding accumulations of all sorts of random crap that was perhaps useful when I was in college (five skeins of yard for an unfinished crocheted afghan) or in the 1990s (two film cameras, both with undeveloped film in them which I only discovered after opening them) or maybe never (a beanie-baby-sized, stuffed-moose-LCD-monitor-cleaner). Most of it is getting tossed in a “donate” box, some in the trash. But there are a handful of semi-useless things I don’t really want to toss, at least not yet.

Like some foreign coins from my trips to Britain and Costa Rica. I have no idea how they ended up loose in the closet, but then again there was also a stuffed moose LCD cleaner so let’s not ask too many questions.

Because I needed to find a good place for anything I wanted to keep, I thought about what I could possibly do with these coins besides stash them away. Well, from the DIY perpetual calendar, you might recall I had a bunch of leftover pretty cardstock. And from our wedding, I have quite a few Goodwill’d, spray-painted photo frames.

I also have this gallery wall in our guest room, but have yet to fill the all the frames with things I like.

You smart cookies see where I’m going with this! I arranged the coins in a reasonably pleasing order, scotch-taped them to some gray linen-look cardstock, and voila:

Closet debris art, people! That’s the closet cleanout bird AND the gallery wall bird with one stone! I know coin art is not earth-shattering, and neither is turning souvenirs into wall art, but considering it was a total spur-of-the-moment idea, I’m pleased.

Oh but wait, I am not done yet. There is an entire pad of sparkly cardstock left! And still more frames! So, I made a little dry-erase to-do list for the desk:

That’s right, you can write on glass with a dry-erase marker and it wipes right off. So it’s a custom dry-erase board! My cardstock sheets are pretty small, but I think it’d be excellent in a 12x12 frame with bigger paper. Although Mr. P did ask why I framed a to-do list. And rolled his eyes even more when I explained, NO, it is a CUSTOM SPARKLY FIVE BY SEVEN INCH DRY-ERASE BOARD. CLEARLY.

I’ve got one more cardstock project for the hat trick, which also comes from more wedding leftovers. When I was planning our wedding, I picked up a piece of black and ivory damask scrapbook paper for less than a dollar during my weekly leisurely stroll through Hobby Lobby. I scanned it and used the pattern here and there for wedding things, but I held on to the intact piece of scrapbook paper. You know, so as not to waste my fifty-three cents.

I also kept our wedding invitation, like most people, which happen to be 7" square. Add a 12x12” frame and BAM, scrap paper art:

So there you have it. Three closet-cleanout inspired projects which each took about five minutes and zero planning. And next time you get some pretty wrapping paper that you hate to toss out, you know what to do with it! Though be picky about which closet debris you frame, please. That stuffed moose would not look good no matter what sparkly paper I paired with it.