22 June 2011


One last bit of anniversary before I move along, and this time, it involves projects!

I mentioned last time that Mr. P and I both gave each other the same “paper anniversary” present:

I considered sporting event tickets, but our favorite local sports aren't in season, and I considered a book, but we have a Kindle. In general, Mr. P is difficult to buy presents for, and I'm not a great gift-giver anyway. So in the end, a letter was the perfect gift, because what’s most important is what was said, right? Since I am usually inarticulate about feelings and instead resort to grinning and hand-flapping, that present was quite the effort for me despite its simplicity.

Although I seriously considered doing something more crafty. I mean it’s paper, right? A crafter’s dream! I actually had my eyes on making a little book out of playing cards, like here (the photo's source) and here:

It’s fifty-two cards, right? For fifty-two weeks of marriage! Perfect! Except... it would take a lot of time with the cutting and the gluing and the assembling, and I have been crazy busy with work, and in the end who would really care that it was crafted out of a deck of playing cards, me, or Mr. P? Exactly. Long-form paragraphs in a handwritten letter it was, then.

I also considered the “modern” first anniversary present, which is a watch or a clock. But apparently I didn’t do the extra-credit reading ahead when we were planning our wedding, because I gave Mr. P a pocketwatch for the wedding. Oops. Jumped the gun there, I suppose.

So even though I am not the most thoughtful gift-giver, Mr. P says he got just what he wanted. However, our anniversary also became another example of what a wonderful gift-giver Mr. P is. Because, you see, Mr. P also did his reading to learn what the modern first anniversary present is, and then he came up with the perfect present. It involves this:

That’s a clock that hung in his late grandfather’s home (now in my dining room, as indicated by the bridal brunch setup, and YES I HAVE REDECORATED so nobody panic). It’s one of the few items Mr. P requested when his grandfather passed away and it means a lot to him. He wants it hung in his home and in a place where he can see it. Considering all the family mementos I have out, it’s a reasonable request. We went ahead and hung it in my house when we were engaged, hanging it in a place of prominence because it’s one of the few homey-things that Mr. P brought to my house. Plus it’s retro-cool and reminiscent of the sunburst mirror fad.

There’s just one problem. Here’s how a crazy person like me saw it:

I mean, I know. It’s probably fifty years old, what could I expect? And it's not like the cord was fire-engine red. But still. It bothered me. Whenever Mr. P would suggest a place to hang it, I’d be all “Nooooo not therrrre you can see the cooooorrrrd.” The clock got relegated to a corner near an outlet where I could tuck the cord away. Kind of. Not really. And anyway, it always showed the wrong time because whenever the power went out, it stopped, and we never bothered to reset it. Because we can't really see it. In its corner. With its cord.

So for our anniversary, Mr. P dis-corded the Clock of Marital Discord:

If I had known he was doing this, I would have been a good blogger and documented every little re-wiring step. As it is, I only know that he ordered a kit from Amazon, and that you don't have to be an electrician to do it. He did have to replace the hands, and the glass dome cover wouldn’t fit back on it. But I really like new bold hands and glass-less front, honestly:

My heart melts a little every time I think about Mr. P bravely taking apart a family memento that means a lot to him just to indulge my cord-hating quirk. He did save all the original parts, so if we ever really wanted to put it back together again, we could. But as it is now, he updated a family piece that can now be enjoyed anywhere in our current or future homes for years to come!

Now I can't wait for the fourth anniversary. Modern present: electrical appliances. Because you know our surround sound speaker system isn't cordless. YET.


Mary Beth said...

I am sitting here at work, hysterically laughing while people walk by and ask why I'm crying. Ok - I noticed the cord before you even said anything and that one image with the word "cord" all over it just made me die laughing! I think I'm ok now. It really is a cool clock and once again I'll say how much I like your blog! Ok, I promise not to comment on EVERYTHING.

Sarah said...

Mary Beth, I'm laughing at you laughing - and super glad you are enjoying the blog! You are more than welcome to comment however much you want :) Yay for being able to keep in touch!