28 June 2011

In-laws, sweet

This past weekend, we hosted Mr. P’s parents at our home for the first time. When I mentioned that to a few people, that my in-laws were visiting, I got several “uh oh, I’m sorry” sort of responses. No no, I exclaimed! I like my in-laws. They are lovely and agreeable people and we get along swimmingly.

Nevertheless, the daughter-in-law-with-something-to-prove instinct kicked in. MUST BE GOOD HOSTESS. MUST HAVE CLEAN HOUSE. MUST APPEAR SOMEWHAT COMPETENT. Not because they would be critical or rude about it, oh no. Because they are so darn nice and wouldn’t call me on it otherwise. And anyway, I like them and don’t you try to be a good hostess to people you like?

The problem? The week before they came to visit, this is what the guest room looked like:

It wasn’t looking much better from the other side either:

The adjacent room, the office, has the television and another place to sleep, so it’s good to have it guest-ready. But unfortunately it looked like this:

And now you know why you didn’t see the full-length of the curtains, eh? To my credit, it looks disastrous because I am cleaning out and sorting and to do so I have to pull everything out of the closets and in the end it will look nice but right now OH MY GAH. Not a good hostess. NOT COMPETENT.

So I spent a few days re-sorting things to go BACK in the closet and BACK into storage. Most of the problem was – and still is – the office. What wasn’t in the office closet yet was in boxes all over the guest room, which left me a two-by-two foot square of floor space to sort things on the office floor. Fortunately, I’d cleaned out enough already to be able to stash everything away; I just hadn’t had a good reason yet to sort through and stash the remainder. So, this was yet another bonus of Mr. P’s parents’ visit: I can finally see the floor of our guest room again.

I realize cleaning up a room is not the most exciting idea in the world on a blog centered around projects, but sometimes, cleaning up is the absolute best thing you can do for a room. Observe:

Hey, I’d sleep there!

Competent daughter-in law? Eh? If you ignore the yellow candle stain on the dresser in dire need of repainting?

The office is not done yet either, but I finally have a photo of the curtains worth showing:

And the other side looks moderately respectable, even though the shelves need some organizational work:

Whew! Even in the overcast lighting (for the office) or at night (for the bedroom), it’s still a vast improvement! I think I’ll leave it that way, at least until our next houseguests come in a few weeks. Although there is always some paperwork in need of sorting...


Miranda said...

Oh my gosh! So amazing and beautiful...jealous! :)

Ann said...

You made me laugh out loud. When we got home our house looked much more like your "before" pictures than like the "House Beautiful" rooms we saw. You inspired me to get out the broom and dust rag.
We had a great visit and look forward to seeing you in Chicago.

Christal said...

Your house is so blasted beautiful. I'm with Miranda!