30 June 2011

Thirty by thirty: charity update

Hey, remember that 30 by 30 list I went on and on about for weeks? ...What? You blocked it out because the excessive introspection turned your brain to curdled gravy? I understand. I’m sorry.

Still, seeing as how this blog itself was actually an item on the list, it only seems appropriate to revisit some of the other items on the list as well and see how they’re going, as well. Right? Project-within-a-project and all. You understand, I hope.

I already referenced the list once before this week. Mr. P and I have, in fact, been enjoying more frequent vegetarian meals! At least, I’ve been enjoying them. And it's still somewhat on accident. But still, progress!

Another thing I’ve been working on is being more mindful of charitable opportunities, as mentioned in the list. So here’s a short update on that front.

First of all, I’m well on my way to donating 100 items to charity. This photo alone has 94 items within the boxes and stacks:

These are all going to my parents’ church for their yard sale, and I already have another stack started. At some point I’ll hold myself accountable to you and actually list the hundred-plus (at the rate I'm going) items. Because of course I am keeping a color-coded spreadsheet of the items. You saw that coming, right? And you know it’s not because I am responsible about my taxes, but because I adore any excuse for a color-coded spreadsheet.

The other update has to do with financial donations, for which I’ll just say that if you want donations for your organization, a hand-written thank-you note in advance is totally the way to win me over:

Good job, Nashville Symphony. I know you can use an extra boost after the flood.

So far I haven’t touched the volunteering items on the list, because let’s face it, they are harder. But we’re only a month or so in. Still plenty of time to go and I’ll keep you posted along the way! And I promise to keep the brain-mushing to a minimum. Even though that wasn't an item on the list. Just a freebie for you!