02 June 2011

Thirty by thirty: personal development, #15-17

Back to the list - we're finally entering the second half! I know, I’m keeping you all in such suspense by stretching it out. Or maybe you just can’t believe I’m turning one little list into many thousands of words. Either way! So far I've covered Family (in part 1 and part 2), Service, and the first half of Personal Development.

And the navel-gazing continues:

#15: Live outside Tennessee

Really, I just want to know that I did not spend the entire first thirty years of my life living in one state. I suppose there are lots of people that live their entire lives in one place and there’s something rather precious about that. Not condescending-tone-precious, but valuable-precious. Still, as much as I adore Nashville, I feel like it’s time to experience life somewhere else. I can always come back, right?

Lately I’ve been getting asked where we’ll be living next. Good question! I would also like to know! I have some ideas but they are little more than whims at this point. Current hopefuls include Madison, WI, St. Louis, the Pacific Northwest, and North Carolina. Maybe Austin TX? New England or California if we’re desperate? Canada? Basically, ANYWHERE OUTSIDE TENNESSEE.

#16: Get my affairs in order

Record scratch. This one is downright depressing. Good grief, lady.

I was barely an adult when my dad passed away, and after some legal battles that were a bit rough for an eighteen-year-old, I ended up with a lot of responsibility in my name. The experience taught me one thing: HAVE AN UP-TO-DATE WILL. So, my mom and I had a lawyer draw one up for each of us. I also did the paperwork to make my mom beneficiary of these accounts I inherited and OH MY GAH how much more depressing can I get? Only a few posts in and this blog has hit a horrifying macabre low note.

To lighten it up a bit I will show you where I keep my will. It is NOT in the paperwork disaster of my office closet. Nor in the lockbox. It is in the freezer:


I say it's a poor man's fireproof safe! Mr. P says that is ridiculous.

Here’s the point. I have some important stuff in my name. My maiden name. My husband is not mentioned anywhere on it. I also have a decade-old, likely frostbitten will that leaves power of attorney and a lot of money and possessions (which, at the time, was probably “my stereo” and “my prom dress collection”) to my mom. Times have changed and those things need to, also. I refuse to cause anyone else the troubles that I experienced when a person dies without having those things straightened out. But, clearly it is no fun to deal with these things so I need this list to motivate me to take care of it.

#17: Run a 10k race

Ok, this one is better. Running! Endorphins!

Well... maybe. I sort of loathe running. I am not very good at it and I don’t particularly enjoy it. The only thing going for it is that I hate running less than other forms of exercise, and what’s a list of goals that doesn’t include something exercise-related?

Mr. P, however, likes to run. It’s something that we can do together, and it’s easier with an accountability buddy. He is no speed racer or marathoner, so I don’t feel like a slow lump of fail when I run with him. And he is quite encouraging, encouraging enough that I was willing to run in a few 5k races with him a few years ago. We’re both running less nowadays compared to that time, but in his case, “less” is about once a week, and in my case, “less” is not knowing when I last bothered to put on my running shoes.

I originally put “run a 5k” on the list to motivate me to start moving again, but then I decided to challenge myself a bit more and put a 10k. That means, for me and my slowpoke pace, over a solid hour of running. Am I looking forward to it? NO. I MOST CERTAINLY AM NOT. But will I be glad if I can do it? Heck yeah I will!

And with that I am DONE with the navel-gazing “personal development” part of the list. Food, travel, and hobbies are still to come!