17 June 2011

Wedding week, day five: friends and family

So now that I’ve shown you all the DIY and didn’t-DIY, I want to bring it back to the more important parts of the wedding – namely, the guests. I said it earlier this week and I’ll say it again: it was absolutely incredible to have all our friends and family gathered in one place. Not because we were getting all the attention (I hate attention) but because we just felt so surrounded by love and support. Even if they were only there for the free food, they still sat through our hour-long ceremony so that means they must like us at least a little.

But many, if not most, of our guests had to travel a very significant distance to come to our wedding. Maybe it’s because I grew up only an hour or so away from almost all my extended family, but I didn’t assume that people would travel great distances for our wedding. But oh, how they did. We had guests from coast to coast:

(Plus a few international guests, actually, but they currently live in Nashville and I’m not going to cheat and pretend that they flew across an ocean just for our wedding.)

We had old family friends, like this family that lived down the street from me. The daughter and I tore up the road on our big-wheel tricycles visiting each other:

And here’s three lovely ladies all from different places and phases of my mom’s life. I am pretty sure Mom’s heart almost went kablooey from getting to see all of her dearest friends at once:

Many of my coworkers came, including my boss. They didn’t have to travel a long distance, but they already have to put up with me throughout the work week:

We had several friends who once lived in Nashville come back to Nashville specifically for our wedding (I mean really, who wouldn’t want to come back just to dance with Mr. P’s groomsman?):

I had an amazing collection of childhood friends who traveled back to Tennessee from all over to celebrate with us:

These dear ladies – my childhood piano teacher and neighbor, who are friends themselves – were a real treat to see again:

And Mr. P’s college friends turned our wedding into a reason for a roadtrip from Houston to Atlanta:

And those are just some of the people who came that aren’t even related to us! Mr. P and I – but especially Mr. P – are blessed with large families and many of them made the long journey, via roadtrip or plane, to Nashville for our wedding. Believe it or not, every single person in this photo is related to us:

Those family members that couldn’t make it to our wedding – either because they were unable to travel or because who would leave heaven for Tennessee? – were certainly there in spirit. I felt so honored that they all came to celebrate with us. And celebrate they did!

Mr. P’s cousins taking a breather:

My cousins, at least the older ones, as the younger ones were still tearing up the dance floor:

Mr.’s P’s aunt and uncle doing the cha-cha slide. “Everybody clap your hands!”

My aunts with my mom and cousin, lip-synching:

My nephew, who kicked it on the dance floor all night:

While we were so happy to have all these people gather with us to celebrate, I was especially happy that those who worked so hard on the wedding in advance and who practically had to be there FINALLY got a chance to relax and party as well. Like Mr. P’s sister and brother-in-law:

And Mr. P’s other sister and her boyfriend (now fiancé!):

Our bridesmaids, with their significant others:

Our groomsman, with their significant others, or platonic dance partner:

And our parents. Oh, our wonderful parents. Mr. P’s:

And my own:

These are the people who had to do everything from this (please note the bridesmaid crawling on the floor while I stood all diva-like was pregnant at the time, what the heck Sarah):

To this, when they were kicked out of a photoshoot:

To this, cleaning up at the end of the night:

So I’m sorry for getting ooshy-gooshy, but to all of those wonderful people who helped make our wedding the amazing day it was, thank you. Thank you for all your help and support while we planned it. Thank you for coming all the way to Nashville. Thank you for sitting through our crazy long ceremony. Thank you for enjoying the party we worked so hard to throw (or at least pretending to enjoy it for our sake, which would be even more admirable). Thank you for filling up the dance floor and blowing bubbles to see us off. Mr. P and I were truly happy to see each and every one of you. You were the extra special bonus to getting married. Love you all!


Ann & said...

Thank you, Sarah for the great pictures and wonderful memories.
Happy Anniversary to both of you.
Here's wishing you many, many more days to celebrate.