28 July 2011

DIY: laundry closet redo: cleaning the slate

Yesterday I showed you the master plan for the laundry closet redo, which meant you saw lots of drawings of board and batten wall treatments in beautiful green and white and you just knew it would be gorgeous!

Except let’s not forget I had to start with this:

Yup. Bra and tighty whities. Still there.

That’s what the laundry closet looked like once I cleaned out all my junk – and all the dusty linty cobwebs decorating the ceiling and walls and floor (oh my GAH the FLOOR). Sadly I am not sure that cleaning it out was much of an improvement, as you could only see the mural more clearly.

But before I could start priming and painting the walls to clean the slate, I had to remove that shelf. Which, unfortunately, was clipped onto the wall with a bunch of these guys:

I suppose it wouldn’t be unfortunate if you wanted the shelf to stay on the wall forever and ever. But as I wanted to remove it to replace with two new nice wood shelves, it was unfortunate indeed. After attempting to unscrew them for a good while with zero progress, Mr. P had this idea:

Yup. That’s what it took. And removing those clips resulted in this, a dozen times over:

I held up my hand for scale so you could see good grief that’s a giant hole. Geez Sarah, couldn’t you have done it a little more carefully and made slightly less of a mess?

Well, no. Because you see, those weren’t held up with screws at all, but rather LARGE SPIKES:

Which were crucial for holding these monster anchors in the wall:

So basically, you should be praising me for not ripping an even more giant hole in the drywall. That hole you see up there is as admirable as very delicate surgery.

Anyway. S’ok. I got spackle!

Remember in this post when I said I use a pink mini-ruler as a spackle knife? I don’t lie to you, dear readers.

As the closet had been painted a time or two or four around the plastic shelf holders, there was a raised layer of paint around it that also needed to be filled in with spackle. It took hours to dry. But once it did finally dry, I set to sanding it smooth with my ancient, seen-better-days, geez-why-don’t-you-buy-another-they’re-only-like-three-dollars sanding sponge block:

Like my spackle-dust shelf? I can’t take credit for the idea, I got it from YHL though they use it for collecting drywall dust when drilling. Brilliant!

Once I spackled and sanded all the holes, it was time for this guy:

Usually I’m an oil-based primer girl, but I really wanted to be able to use my favorite brush ever for cutting in the corners, and I was not about to try to clean my BFF brush with mineral spirits. I barely clean it well enough with soap and water. For that reason I went with latex primer, but didn’t want a lot (since it was only for this project), so I hoped I could cover the walls and the wood boards and shelves with just the one quart.

Here’s the boards laid out in the guest bedroom, because it was eleventy billion degrees outside and only slightly cooler in our garage. Miraculously, I primed and painted the boards without getting any on the duvet approximately four inches away:

And here they are many hours later, with two coats of primer and one of paint (on both sides of the shelves, one side and edges of the horizontal boards):

Forgiving the late-night light, that’s pretty good coverage, right? I know! Too bad the same can’t be said for the mural:

That’s after one coat of primer, followed by continually rolling on more primer over and over and over and swearing and we’ll just say that’s about three coats of primer, total, on that left side of the closet.

It only looked slightly better after the who-knows-how-many-coats of primer and a coat of white Behr Ultra (that’s paint-and-primer-in-one) in satin finish:

It took another coat of paint (which, by the by, has excellent coverage) before I decided it was as clean as the slate was going to get. I knew I’d add at least one more coat of paint on the whole shebang once the boards were installed, so I gave up covering the mural completely at this point.

Looks like it’s about time to install some boards, eh? Come back tomorrow to see how I managed that!


Rachel C said...

You are killing me! I am dying to see the finished project. You are so sneaky not even giving us a glimpse of it.

Plus, this is the first time I've seen the board & batten idea and now I am obessessed with it!! I am frantically trying to find someplace to do it.

I can't wait to see the finished project!

Sarah said...

Rachel, if it helps, I ALSO have not seen the completed project ;)