16 July 2011

DIY: spraypainted floral monogram

Today I want to tell you about only half of a DIY project. Oh, it’s completed, totally finished – but I only did the second half. If you want to learn how to do to the first half, you’ll have to ask my mom. Craftiness is probably genetic and I got it from her.

See, her church lady friends hosted a bridal tea for me way back when, and my mom added a touch of the wedding to come by making a monogram out of faux green hydrangeas (our wedding flower). See it there in the back?

Yes, I am literally Mrs. P. You thought I was making that “Mr. P” business up? I would not lie to you, dear reader! I got a ridiculous amount of monogrammed stuff at that tea, too, because I didn’t realize I needed to register for extra gifts. I guess the ladies all had the same idea because we now have whooollle bunch of monogrammed stuff. Everywhere you look in our house? P!

We also turned that faux hydrangea monogram into a wreath for my front door during the weekend events leading up to the wedding:

Like I said, I can’t tell you exactly how my mom made it. I do know she used two layers of foamboard for the backbone, and cut apart silk hydrangeas and stuck them in with a dab of hot glue:

But that’s all I know for how to make it. You are smart cookies so I think you guys can figure it out. Good luck!

Now for part two! Even though it probably cost five dollars and isn’t particularly sturdy, I’m not quite ready to toss out my floral monogram yet, just because my mom made it, and it was around for a lot of our wedding celebration. However, I haven’t been super keen on hanging it up, because of its BRIGHT GREEN hue. Yes, our wedding flowers were bright green, but our other major wedding color was, like, black. It worked then. Not so much now.

Then I came across this project elsewhere on the internets (click the photo for the source post):

That would be faux flowers mounted on a canvas and covered in spraypaint. Wait a second, you can spraypaint faux flowers?

Well I’ll be. See, I promised you earlier this week I would talk about spraypaint. Told you it was a date!

Lookie what I’ve got:

In ivory. Our other wedding color! That’s right, black and ivory. Neutrals, I just can’t quit you.

I figured that I had a good chance of success after reading the previous post, but if not, the monogram wreath would just hit the trash a little sooner than scheduled. It certainly wasn’t perking up our garage, laying in the back near the Christmas decorations. So I started spraying:

I had the spraypaint on hand and the can was nearly full, but it took the rest of the can to cover it. Fortunately the pressure of spraying “ruffled up” the flowers to help hit the nooks and crannies in between the flowers with some paint, but it wasn’t perfect. After one coat, I was... unsure. It was sort of drippy, and not totally covered. I decided to just let it dry and see where to go from there.

The following evening – that’s right, extra long drying time for the globs of spraypaint – I checked it and decided that it actually looked rather nice in its imperfect state. So I called it done and took the obligatory entryway mirror photo:

Wait a second, something’s not right.

That’s better. Team P!

I decided it wasn't worth another can of spraypaint to cover the back, so it stayed halfway painted. Also, note that I sort of ripped it a bit when I tried to pick it up after painting it. The paint dried and stuck it onto the cardboard, so when you're done and it's dry, try to pick it up with less gusto than I did.

I figured it was still better than before and decided to hang it on our front door. Here’s the contraption my mom rigged to hang it up. It involves a ponytail holder, of all things.

And here it is on the door now:

A few days later we had a visit from a friend who also became Mrs. P when she got married, and she threatened to steal it off our door and take it with her. So I guess it looks pretty nice! I’m calling it a success. And now I’m wondering... what can’t I spraypaint?

Happy floral monogram spraypainting!