21 July 2011

Look what I dug out of the trash at work

To be fair, it was the recycling bin.

Yes, I washed it out. And YES, I will still be embarrassed if/when my coworkers read this. I have a little dignity to lose.

But I couldn’t help myself! I’ve seen so many cute ideas for these bottles around the internet (click the photo for the source):

I have been meaning to get some Frappucinos to give one of these a try – because I also enjoy the beverage inside, so it’s a win-win! But I haven’t gotten them yet. So when I noticed a Frappucino bottle sitting on top of the overflowing glass recycling bin, I furtively glanced around to make sure the coast was clear… and grabbed it.

Oh. And also this Pelligrino bottle. Because the design overlords say you are supposed to display d├ęcor in groups of three and I only had two pieces of green glass in my guest room and it was bothering me so I needed it and anyway it is totally normal to steal trash to display in your home. Right? RIGHT?

Whatever. A few days later I noticed my labmate emptying the glass recycling bins and I smugly patted myself on the back for grabbing them when I did, thinking, ”Worth it.”


Mechelle said...

Oh, I love the bottle thing...I've been doing a little of that stuff too. A real honey jar can make a cute one too, and it had a larger/flater surface to craft one.