12 July 2011

My favorite things: IKEA stoppered bottle

Do you live near an IKEA? If you do, I am jealous. It doesn’t matter if you live in a hovel in a bad neighborhood, as long as you are near an IKEA, I am still jealous of you. Because if you live near an IKEA, you can make that hovel look MYCHET SNYGG. That’s Swedish for “very stylish”, although as a frequenter of IKEA I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that.

I have been to IKEA only once. Mr. P and I planned a trip to Atlanta last spring for spring break, and if we are being completely honest here, visiting IKEA was the entire impetus for the trip. Oh sure, we had dinner with some of his college friends and went to the Georgia Aquarium, but that was secondary to fulfilling my dream of wandering about the IKEA sample rooms. Our visit was the second day of the trip, and the night before Mr. P said, “I keep worrying about buying tickets and lines and parking. I have to remind myself it’s a store, not an amusement park.” I guess you can blame my excitement level for that. Oh, and the fact that we planned a vacation around visiting IKEA.

And yet it still exceeded my expectations.

Because we don’t really need any more furniture right now, I set a $100 budget. That could still buy quite a bit of plastic Swedish crap we also don’t need, but at least would guarantee that I wouldn’t have a fit of the crazies and walk out with a new flat-packed bedroom suite. Fortunately, I kept my head on straight and we came out way under budget (which left plenty of cash for a six-pack of cinnamon rolls on our way out). Unfortunately, I have lots of IDEAS. And PLANS. And I can’t wait to go back.

(We are, this month. I have already crafted my shopping list. But more on that later.)

I love everything we brought back, those few items that I deigned worthy of the IKEA budget. So I thought I’d share one of them with you today.

When it comes to adult drinks, wine is my beverage of choice. I certainly enjoy a glass of wine every now and then with dinner, and quite frankly my idea of a good time is a glass of wine while painting a room. But that’s just it, I don’t drink a bottle of wine. It’s not My Drunk Kitchen up in here. And Mr. P doesn’t drink wine, so I’m always reluctant to open a bottle of wine outside of a party, just for me.

Enter this beauty:

In the past, when I had all I wanted from a bottle of wine for the evening, I’d try to shove the cork back in. Half the time, the cork had a hole all the way through from the corkscrew. So I also tried a variety of little wine-saver bottle caps. No matter what kind I tried, it would end up leaking. The shelves in our refrigerator can’t accommodate a bottle of wine standing-up, so I’d have to turn it on its side and the next day I’d have a sticky mess on the bottom of the fridge AND the wine would taste like vinegar. Some people have a yard full of beer cans after a fun evening; I have spoiled wine and a mess in my fridge.

So this guy – four dollars at IKEA – is my new best friend. I can open a bottle of wine, pour myself a glass, and transfer the rest of the bottle in here. The little snappy-down bottle stopper isn’t exactly a vacuum-sealer, but I swear this thing makes a little “pop” when I open it. The wine certainly tastes better for longer, at least. And the other thing I love is that it is a little squatter than a normal wine bottle, so it can stand up in my fridge.

Note that is a giant 1.5L bottle of wine (leftover from the wedding) next to it, and our wine glasses are monster sized, so it's not QUITE as diminutive as it appears. The bottle itself holds about a liter, so a normal 750mL bottle of wine fits easily.

And here’s the bottle on the IKEA website, although don’t get excited. You can't order it online. It is ONLY sold in stores to those lucky jerks who live near one.

So cheers to you, IKEA! Please come closer. No, clooossserrr.


Shanna said...

You should go shopping with Matt's wife, Karen - an avid IKEA fan like you :) They just went to the Atlanta store [from Knoxville] a couple of weeks ago.