19 July 2011

My favorite things: RITVA curtains

Psst. Guess what. I get to visit IKEA this week.

*pause for squealing*

I know. I KNOW! I am super excited. I made my shopping list in advance and everything. On the list is a duvet I’ve had my eye on, a few brackets and other supplies for an upcoming project, some office organization supplies, and a few more pairs of these beauties:

That’s the window in our master bedroom, and yes, it feels extremely luxurious to have the most fantastic window in the home in our bedroom. But my point is the curtains! I picked up the sheers at Wal-Mart, but the lovely tailored ivory curtains on either side of the window are from my first (because now I have a second!) visit to IKEA.

(Are you squinting at the pillow? It’s a “Keep Calm and Carry On” pillow, because I just could not let that bandwagon pass me by without hopping on. I got it at Marshall’s, or rather, my mom got it for me because she is well aware that most of the time I need to chill out.)

When it came to hanging these curtains, I went with the “high and wide” mantra I learned from Sherry at YHL. I thought it might look strange to have the palladian window above only the main part of the window, and curtains extending out to the side, but a few google image searches convinced me it would look just fine, and it does:

In fact it makes the window look even more huge than it is. Which I love.

But my favorite part of these curtains is the hidden tab-top that makes them look so tailored without any extra fancy window-treatment tricks:

(Hardware check: curtain rod from Target. It was one of the pricier options because it had to be longer than 88”, but it was worth it.)

These RITVA curtains were $20 for a pair of panels, though now it looks like they’ve gone up to $25. Still, that’s one of the best prices for extra-long curtains that I’ve found. They are 98” long out of the package, but – but! – they come with their own hem tape! Which is just precious of IKEA, I think. Before hemming them, though, I washed and dried them in advance, so they wouldn’t end up too short when washed and dried later. Then I hemmed them up to the perfect length with the provided hem tape and my iron, as you’ve seen me do before:

These come in a few colors, which means they could go in every room in my house! And hey guess what I am going back to IKEA so you know what I’m gonna dooooo! Oh, IKEA. You know me so well. I wish you would reconsider this long distance relationship.


Rachel C said...

I am going to IKEA this week too! Great minds think alike. :-) I can't wait to see what you bring home.

And, having seen those wonderful, flowy curtains against your wonderful dark gray walls, I might just copy the idea for our living room. I had been debating about curtains (I usually don't care for them), but this seems like the perfect solution. It adds a little more interest without screaming "CURTAINS!!"

Sarah said...

Rachel, go for it! I am not a fan of "window treatments" with swags and valences and blahdiblah, either. But you're exactly right, these sort of curtains make the whole room seem bigger (because the window seems bigger) and brighter (if you go white/ivory) without anyone actually noticing them. They are, like, subliminal curtains :)

And by the by, I JUST returned from IKEA with two more packages of my darling RITVAs! I spent time perusing all the selections but these just have my heart. Can't wait to share the rest of the purchases too; I'm so excited with what we got!