22 July 2011

Photo Friday #6: scienspiration

Last week I wrote about an influential educator, my neighbor and the Chancellor of my undergraduate institution. In case you missed it because you don't read the comments sections of my blog daily (how dare you): HE READ IT. That’s right, the post bounced around the internet, got passed around on facebook, and ended up in Mr. Nick’s wife’s inbox somehow such that the Chancellor himself read it. And then commented on it, thanking me for the kind words. I was mortified and delighted, all at once.

Along those lines I thought I’d share another gem from the office closet cleanout. I found the slides I made in my high school upper-level biology course, which I’ve sentimentally kept all these years. I decided it was finally time to toss the slides out, but I had to keep this note from the teacher inside:

Thanks, Ms. Neville. Turns out, I can.


Rachel said...

Mrs. Neville was right about oh-so-many things.