04 August 2011

The Chicagoland chronicles: IKEA!

There’s a reason Mr. P and I drove to Chicago instead of flying, despite the fact that there are inexpensive flights to Midway from the airport five minutes from our house. That reason, ridiculous as it may be: IKEA.

I’ve fawned enough already; you don’t need me to do it all over again. The gist: IKEA and I are in a long distance relationship. IKEA’s great, really, but we only see each other when we can. Well, when I make the time... not the other way around. It’s a little passive aggressive on IKEA’s part, but... I just want this relationship to work, you know? And IKEA tells me that there are plans to move closer, but, yeah, I mean I’ll guess I’ll just have to see. I thought about moving closer to IKEA, but... I don’t know.

When I realized that Mr. P’s sister lived within fifteen minutes of NOT ONE BUT TWO IKEA STORES, I asked Mr. P if I could finish all the IKEA shopping I’ve wanted to do since my first pilot visit, and have the car to drive my purchases home. Well, first I shook my fist at IKEA for being so generous to Mr. P’s sister – two stores! TWO! – while forgetting about me, but, you know what? Fine. Fine, IKEA. Be that way. I’ll come see you anyway because I just can’t quit you.

I’ve mentioned before that the first time I visited IKEA, I set a budget, because I didn’t know what I really wanted, having never been there. This time, I exercised restraint by making a list. We spent much more this time than last, but it was directed, not impulsive. I bought everything on the list but one (well, two of the same) item – two RAST dressers I wanted to stain and use as nightstands – and I did impulse-buy some euro shams because I’d researched them elsewhere and knew the price was right. Otherwise? I stuck to my well-researched list.

So! What did we get?

Maybe that doesn’t look so exciting to you but I was positively giddy. Also, note COMPLETE ABSENCE OF COLOR. I became more and more amused as I kept adding items to the cart that were only white or gray or – if I was feeling daring – a combination of those!

I also got this guy, hiding down on the floor, also part of the neutral club:

That’s an ERSLEV rug, which we got in the larger size for under the dining room table. The dining room is the first room you see in our home after you come up the stairs from the entryway, and the big empty floor has always sort of looked unfinished to me. However, a rug large enough to not look like a postage stamp lost under the table typically comes at a cost. This one had a price tag that wasn’t negligible, but at least would look nice for the house showings and satisfy my cravings.

It’s plain ivoryish-white, but... if you click the photos below you'll find...

Heck yeah! Those are all painted ERSLEV rugs! How will I do ours? Not sure yet. I do know that if I royally screw it up? It’s got two sides!

Here’s my plans for the other things we got:

I’ve already written about my love of RITVA curtains. Even though the price went up, I couldn’t resist getting a set each for our dining room and living room to replace the current brown ones, which are feeling drab after brightening up the other spaces in our house.

And the ALVINE KVIST duvet and shams will be familiar to anyone who follows me on Pinterest (click photo for source):

And it’s similar to the bedding in my all-time-favorite bedroom photo:

It’s classic and perfectly my style and I adore beds made with it. For now, though, it’s going to cover the brown futon (again with banishing the brown) – currently being covered, I should add, with that fuzzy beige blanket in all these photos.

Those EKBY brackets? You just saw those last week in the laundry room remodel! Everything else in that photo is KASSETT CD storage and DVD storage boxes. Mr. P has a gajillion DVDs, or at least it seems that way to me as I own, like, four. If that. But I can’t fuss too much, because he has almost completely digitized his CD collection, while I am still emotionally attached to the physical albums of Alanis Morisette and Dave Matthews and – in the later punk phase – Green Day and MXPX and NOFX and geez I could go on and on. So basically, I’ll have my entire junior high and high school experience stored in KASSETT boxes.

And finally:

On the left there are two ALÄNG wall lamps, which I got for the office wall behind the futon. They were twenty bucks, and so I wasn’t expecting them to be nearly as giant as they are. We also got some lightbulbs for them there, after confirming that they do in fact also take lightbulbs sold outside IKEA and we weren’t buying lamps that would be useless after the bulbs burned out. You know, since IKEA is A MILLION MILES AWAY. And never even calls to say hi.

And the last two things were my only impulse purchases, two GOSA ASTER Euro-style shams (rolled up in a cylinder, if it’s not obvious) and GÄSPA pillowcases. I’d hoped the gray could work in our bedroom, but it’s a bit too dark with our lighter gray bedding and gray walls. Fortunately, they look great in the office! Which is also shades of gray but different ones!

The only thing not pictured? Our Swedish meatball lunches, complete with lingonberry jam. Mmmm.

In all, we spent quite a chunk of change at IKEA, but I assured Mr. P – and myself, as the total came up on the register – that I was done with IKEA. DONE. I got everything I needed out of the relationship and it just wasn’t worth the effort to get anything else. I mean, if we end up in the same town? Well... we’ll see. But for now? I have everything I could possibly need. It’s okay, IKEA. I’ll still speak of you fondly.


Mary Beth said...

I just have to address a tiny piece of what you mentioned in your post - to this day, EVERY TIME I listen to Alanis Morisette I think about you! We wore that album OUT!

And I have still never been to IKEA...Atlanta is only about 2 1/2 hours from here, though. Hmmm...

Sarah said...

Mary Beth, I am sure you totally understand my emotional attachment to those CDs :) And you are closer to IKEA than we are! Next time you visit Atlanta you should pop in, if only for the showroom floor, so you can pretend that you live in the tiny little efficient apartments.