02 August 2011

The Chicagoland chronicles: our new nephew

I mentioned here and there over the past couple of weeks that Mr. P and I were out of town for an extended period of time. I mean, I try to be honest with you guys, but there is always the chance some random evil person has figured out my real-life identity and my address AND they are going to steal all our possessions while we are out of town. I know what you're up to, random evil person. So I mostly kept our travels on the DL. But I am home now! So our possessions are safe! In theory!

The eagle-eyed among you may have even noticed I said we were in Chicago. Why were we there, exactly? To meet the newest member of our family! Mr. P’s sister and her husband recently had a baby. It's the first grandchild for the elder Dr. and Mrs. P, and it's the first grandchild for either of their extended families. That kid is kind of a big deal. And our newest nephew!

We went to Chicagoland to meet him for a very special event: the little guy’s baptism. And Mr. P had a very special role for the very special event!

Oh yes I did. In real life, too! Mr. P gave the little guy a onesie with this printed on it (click the image for the shop, though it is apparently no longer for sale):

The baptism itself went wonderfully. There were several babies baptized during the ceremony, but not all were as well-behaved as our little guy, who slept through the whole thing. His little arm dangled at his side the whole time, even when his little head got all wet. He was totally chill with it. Absolutely angelic.

We weren’t the only family there – aside from several members of Mr. P’s brother-in-law’s family, there was Mr. P’s other sister and her fiancĂ©, Mr. P’s parents, his aunt and uncle and cousin, another aunt, his parent’s cousins, and a very special lady: Mr. P’s grandmother! His grandmother is truly a delightful lady who I’m happy to have as my family. Unfortunately she hasn’t been feeling top-notch lately, but she felt well enough to travel for the baptism. Having her there was heart-meltingly wonderful.

Mr. P’s sister and husband had a lovely reception at their home afterwards, which gave us a chance to spend time with all the family – some of whom I hadn’t seen since our wedding, since we didn’t travel for Christmas last year. It was fantastic to see all of them! It sort of made up for the fact that the U. S. Women's lost the World Cup as we watched together. Booo.

Although we traveled to Chicagoland specifically for Mr. P’s nephew’s baptism, I’d also registered for a scientific conference in Chicago a few days later, knowing we’d be in town anyway. So we had a few extra days to spend with family and getting to know the little guy before my conference started. On one of those days, we all went to the Morton Arboretum, where Mr. P's desire to be in charge of pushing the shopping cart translated into a desire to push the stroller. He even took his godson off-roading a few times:

Another night Mr. P and I wandered around downtown Naperville, out in the ‘burbs. I gotta tell you, it’s gorgeous. It reminds me of my favorite Nashville suburb (Franklin, for those of you who know the area) only bigger and swankier while still feeling like a charming old town. Plus, it has this awesome riverwalk straight out of a knockoff clichĂ©d Thomas Kinkade painting:

And the best part of our stroll around downtown Naperville? Lou Malnati’s pizza. It is THE pizza to have in Chicago – classic deep dish and absolutely delicious. It feels touristy, but the locals love it too. Even on a Tuesday night there was a thirty-minute wait for a table. But worth it.

True story: I was in Chicagoland for a little over a week, and in that time I had Lou Malnati’s pizza thrice. Once when Mr. P’s sister got it for takeout, once in downtown Naperville, and once with my university colleagues at the conference. I am still, sadly, craving it today.

And speaking of the conference, that’s where we headed next. The adventure continues!


Nicole said...

I am making a poster and wanted a Thomas Kincaid-esque scene in the background. I googled "thomas kincaid knockoff" and the photo from you darling blog popped up as an image result.

Would you be willing to email me a high res photo of your river to use? And waive any copyrights that might be associated? It's just for a small church function.

My email address is nicoleynthompson{at}yahoo{dot}com

Sarah said...

@Nicole, I'll dig through my files and see what I can find! Will email you if I locate it!