08 August 2011

Eats: sriracha chicken

Team P is quite the fan of hot wings. But also? Chinese food. So when I recently came across a recipe for what is essentially Asian-style hot wings, I was happy to add them in the rotation as a best-of-both-worlds sort of dish. And this recipe doesn't even have any bones to chew around like with real hot wings! You guys know how I feel about chicken bones. GE-ROSS.

The recipe comes from here (you’ll note some other recipes I’ve written about have come from that site) and it makes use of this stuff:

It’s that “rooster sauce”, and no matter what prejudices you have against eating meat at Chinese restaurants and whatnot, there is no actual rooster involved here. That I know of. This is actually called sriracha hot sauce, and until recently I only vaguely recognized it as the bottle next to the soy sauce on the table at Chinese restaurants. I’d never actually tried it, so for all the promise of “ASIAN HOT WINGS YEAH!” this was still sort of a gamble. But I was happy to find it at our Kroger, in the “ethnic” aisle with the other Asian-style ingredients.

The recipe I cite above has more steps than the way I make it. I’ve followed the recipe and done the marinating and breaded with panko and flour (YES, I breaded chicken, I KNOW, WHO IS THIS) once. But when I did that, I found that there was way too much flour for the amount of panko, and too much breading in general. The next time I marinated and skipped the breading, and I liked it better (and we don't need the extra carbs anyway). And that's when I realized that marinating doesn’t really enhance the flavor all that much, anyway.

So now I’ve turned it into a quick-meal type dinner. It’s super easy because I've dumbed it down to four ingredients: chicken, sriracha hot sauce, garlic, and vinegar. Well, and salt and pepper, because I throw that stuff on everything.

You need some hot sauce, plus some garlic (I use the pre-minced stuff) and some vinegar. It calls for rice wine vinegar, but I don’t keep that on hand so I use red wine vinegar. As for amounts, you can follow the recipe on the link above, or you can live dangerously like me and just dump it in a large bowl:

Then add the chicken. I use two boneless, skinless breasts sliced into strips.

And squish it around, reminiscent of the coconut chicken post of yore.

Good grief, that looks spicy. I swear I didn't mess with the color balance to make it FIRE ENGINE RED. If you want to bread it to cut down on the heat, now is a good time. But Team P, we like to sweat under our eyes when we eat, so I just throw them on a baking sheet:

And bake for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees F. The original recipe says to broil, but I don’t think it does much for the chicken, actually, if it’s not breaded. Instead it just turns all the drippy sauce black:

These go really well with the garlic noodles (from the same food blog) whose praises I’ve already sung – mostly because they are super buttery, and hot wings love some butter, amirite?

Also best served with a tall glass of water. Or two. Enjoy!


Shanna said...

Poor little strippy chickens: they look all bent over in fire sauce pain [prebaked, of course]. Wow, that stuff looks HOT! I don't guess I'll be able to convince Russell to eat those but love your tutorial :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah, the garlic noodles are amazing! I saved them when you posted this and made them tonight. Thanks so much for sharing! -Rebecca