25 August 2011

Favorite spaces: master closet dressing room

I’ve spent a bit of time writing about the master bedroom the last two days, between talking about the clothes in my closet and the bugs that actually weren’t in our bed. So I thought I’d continue the theme and show you one of my absolute favorite places in our house, which happens to be in our master closet.

That’s right. Not “the master closet” itself, but a particular space IN the master closet. That makes more sense when you learn that our master closet is ginormous:

I am pretty sure that qualifies as a bedroom in many major metropolitan areas. There are bigger master closets in the world, definitely, but not in the little starter home suburbia we live in. This is an extraordinary master closet.

And once upon a time, I filled it up all by myself. Then I got engaged and realized I’d have to share it, so I got rid of two-thirds of the junk filling it up. Mr. P and I only use about half of the hanging space in the closet, and we even moved in a little shelving unit for his many t-shirts. That left some empty space, so I decided to make the closet feel more like a room – specifically, a dressing room.

That mirror belongs in an entryway, but it doesn’t really work in ours with the split-level entry, so I decided to repurpose it here. It’s perfect for jewelry that doesn’t really fit in my jewelry box. I also made a place for my makeup to sit out like a vanity, a place for my sunglasses to stay when I’m home, and even a clock so I know just how late I’m running. Oh, and faux flowers. Because they are girly and because it’s a closet. Closets do not generally get the natural light required by real flowers and ours is no exception.

Plus, as you may notice tucked in the mirror above, this is my place for little paper ephemera that make me happy every day. That photo in particular is one from the 1940s of my grandpa and his brother in their military uniforms with their baby sister in between. Since these little photos and notes are tucked in a not-so-public part of the house, it doesn’t look junky, and I get to keep my personal things personal.

Until I publish photos of them on the internet, of course. (Still, how sweet is that note? Mr. P gave me that while we were dating, when we went on a date after I came back from time spent out of town. It’s been four years but I can’t toss it out).

I also put this print on the wall next to my makeshift vanity, as an important reminder for every single day, even the rainy ones:

Some of my makeup is in that little plastic tray (originally purchased in the Target dollar aisle to be used at our wedding reception), but the rest of it is kept in my makeup bag, which conveniently can stay on the back of the house’s air intake, which juts out into the closet:

It’s also my place for vitamins, ring boxes, scissors – the usual closet mishmash. And next to the intake, we tuck the laundry basket for our dirty clothes.

But wait, there’s more – behind me!

Because we managed to keep from filling up the closet, there was a bit of empty wall space back there. I keep the ironing board there (MIA when I took the photos), as well as a calendar and a bulletin board:

Which holds even more paper ephemera – little notes, our first Christmas card, tickets to various concerts and sporting events. And see the drink tags that say Mr. P and Sarah P? I did not stage those for the blog. He is literally Mr. P.

So that’s how I turned our master closet into a dressing room, complete with an especially personal but useful vanity space! The fact that it’s not overstuffed with clothes means there really is room to move around and get dressed in the closet. I really do all of my getting-ready in the closet after I get out of the shower. And now that we can use half the closet as a dressing room, there’s yet another added perk: I curbed my clothes shopping. Because when it comes to the filling up the closet with clothes or the vanity space? The vanity wins every time.


Christal said...

May I please come live in your closet? Or, at least, put stuff in it? I'm not sure if I can properly express my utter envy. :-)

Rachel said...

I will rent your closet. I love that you put that mirror in there.