12 August 2011

Photo Friday #8: blue bottle Riesling

My favorite wine is basically any Riesling that comes in a blue bottle. There are several kinds, but I have yet to find one that isn’t tasty. I decided to indulge in a tasty beverage after this crazy week, so blue bottle Riesling it was. Bonus classiness: screw-cap.

Yes, that is a 1.5L bottle. And no, I did not transport it home in the bags under my eyes.


Tina said...

Poor baby. Rough week. But you have coped again.The word that I want to use here has left me... so I'll just say Love the picture! And I love how you pick your wines like I pick my wines and my cars - "what do you have in white?
P.S. These cankled ankles will eventually go away... let me be remembered primarily as MamaTina,please!=I