09 August 2011

A side project, with cankles

A few weeks ago I was sorting photos – we can pretend it was part of 30 by 30 goal #30, if you want, but... it wasn’t really – and I came across this photo:

It’s a lovely photo, right? And the subjects are two lovely people, otherwise known as my parents, otherwise known as my mom and the guy who makes me a redheaded stepchild. This photo was taken last fall at a birthday dinner for my Grandma.

But I’ve been seeing a lot of them in the past few days. And unfortunately they weren't spiffed up quite so well. And if I'd tried to take their photo they'd likely disown me. You see, they're in Nashville for a very specific reason:

Yeah. Not cool.

Because she, like me, does things thoroughly.

And consequently?

For hours. In this waiting room and that waiting room and then a few other rooms which were not technically rooms specifically designed for waiting and yet we were waiting in there nonetheless.

For the record, I was spending some time this weekend working on some projects for a fantastic dining room update series for this here blahhhg. Wait, have I mentioned that is what I call this, when I talk about it with Mr. P? Because I can't say “my blog” seriously, it feels too pretentious, so I call it “my blaaaaahhhg”. Naturally. Anyway, there I was with my Heat n'Bond, ironing away, snapping photos in the afternoon light which is the best time for blaahhhhg photos, when I got the phone call from my stepdad, a monologue that essentially went like this:

“Sarah. This is Stepdad. You mother has slipped and fallen by the pool. She's broken her ankle. Both bones. It’s pretty bad. She is going to need surgery so she is going to be transferred by ambulance to Nashville. I’ll be coming up later. Bye.”

It’s a little hard to properly wield an iron after a call like that. Or write, or take fun photos, or think about things that don't involve my mom's predicament. I mean, I have a fantastic stepdad, and stepsister, and husband, and in-laws, and step-grandma and step-aunt and step-uncle and every last one of them makes up my family. But this is my mom. My mommmmm. My mom is having surgerryyyyyy and can't waaaalllllk and there is nothing I can doooo.

Spoiler alert: She is going to be fine. I mean, I think. Knock on wood. She is fine now considering that she is a lady with one severely busted ankle laid up in a hospital bed.

But still, please forgive me if things are a bit all over the place, like my train of thought in this post, or the piles of junk I have accumulated throughout my house without the inclination to pick them up despite the fact that they will surely show up in the background of photos without me noticing. It's just a little phase. The Cankle Phase.


Miles said...

Our prayers and thoughts are for you guys right now. I hope your sweet momma has a speedy recovery. i'd love to help out in any way, just holler. ya know, since we're in the nashville area now and can!

Shanna said...

Tina!!! I'm so SORRY to hear about your ankle! I've put you on my prayer list right this minute...

Thanks, Sarah, for letting us know.

Shanna & Russell