10 August 2011

Summertime design notebook

Despite the onset of the Cankle Phase, I can’t let a whole week go by without a little project chat. It’s what I do, yo. So instead of some elaborate and time-consuming renovation (LAUNDRY ROOM, I AM LOOKING AT YOU) I decided to chat today about what I did after getting the phone call that began the Cankle Phase, otherwise known as My Favorite Dining Room Table Activity Besides Eating:

Which is totally relaxing and fun and engaging! Especially since I hadn’t made the time to sit down with the earlier issue, so this was a double magazine bonus! But even then, the whole MY MOMMY BROKE HER ANKLE WAHHHH thing made me want a little extra sumpin’ sumpin’:

Awwww yeaaahhhh. Moose tracks ice cream and magazines. In my PJs! I mean, have you ever seen a better pity party? The only thing better would have been to add a glass of wine, but I was out of wine, and then I would have had to get dressed to go to the store.

Or would I?

Anyway. Even without wine, I found bunch of good stuff deemed worthy of my design notebook!

So I thought I’d show you my three favorite things I found in this little sit-down.

First of all, I have a total obsession with canopy beds right now. And guess what? Mr. P totally also wants a canopy bed! Unfortunately we have disparate visions for it, but I’m hoping that if we ever have one, I can convince him that this two-page spread is the most awesome way to have a canopy bed ever:

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the drapes-on-canopy-beds thing – I probably have a dozen pinned on Pinterest – but I love how sheer these in particular are. A lovely well-done look. That I will steal. Someday.

Next up! When I had the laundry room shelves cut, I was left with a 10”x10” piece of wood that is bursting with project potential. It would have even more potential if it had about eight more 10”x10” pieces to make a big grid... and an empty wall to hang them. I have neither of those things. But this collage in the background of a photo is trying to convince me otherwise:

We’ll see who has more willpower. Me... or nine 10”x10”s just begging to be transformed into a mural.

Finally, we have a little rug feature. See, right now Mr. P and I have no carpeting in our house. None. At all. All hardwoods and laminate and ceramic tile. I love it, he’s... not a fan. So to compromise and style up the place, we’ve bought a few rugs. None that are expensive, though, because I’m convinced the next place we go will inevitably have carpeting and even if it doesn’t, the rugs may not fit or we may have too many rugs and geez, why are rugs so hard?!

Well, this photo has a solution:

Layering rugs, people. I have never been convinced that it is a good idea, and that it doesn’t look completely ridiculous – until now. See how there’s a sort of “floor covering” rug over hardwoods, with a “space-defining” rug on top? Genius! Does this mean I will start buying rugs with abandon? Well, no. But I’m certainly filing this away for later.

Anyone else enchanted with home décor magazines? And do you also sit down and read them while eating ice cream in your PJs? Don't tell me if you get wine too, I will just be jealous.