13 September 2011

DIY: laundry room art

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m headed out of town today for another conference (don’t even think about it, burglars, Mr. P is still home and we all know it’s his manly prowess that protects the house). So since things are a bit crazy right now, I’m still in the “quick and easy” mindset, with bonus points for “comforting” as well.

Doesn’t get quicker or easier than a printable! And this one definitely works for “comforting” too. As always, this is a Pinterest find, but click the photo for the source (and lots more colors):

I’ve adored this printable for awhile – both the style as well as the sentiment – and when I redid the laundry room, I knew this would be the “art” I wanted in there.

Still, this is almost too easy for a DIY post –

Step 1: Print out, Step 2: Frame, Step 3: Admire

– if it weren’t for the frame. The fraaaaame.

I still have a ton of black 5x7 photo frames leftover from our wedding, so I knew I could use one of those. I didn’t want black in our bright and cheery laundry room, though, so I considered painting it white with leftover paint. But I felt like that wouldn’t “pop out” enough against the white walls.

Then I remembered I’d mixed up a bunch of grayish-blue paint from this project – like way, way too much – so I decided to use it here!

Just a few minutes later, I had a gray photo frame instead of a black one! Except there was a problem. After I let the paint dry, I held up the frame in the laundry room, and it was blue. Waaay too blue. Which is interesting because it doesn't look look blue here, and the canvases sure don't look blue either. Gray is so weird!

Round two: gray wall paint from our bedroom! (Behr Ashwood, if you’re interested.)

But this one, in the laundry room light, was too brown. It sort of looked like a paper bag. Maybe my first clue should have been how it matched the scrap cardboard I was using to paint on? Hmmm. Anyway, not it!

Round three: gray wall paint sample rejected for our bedroom, which was a bit dried out but restored to life with a bit of water and stirring (Behr Granite Boulder, although by now I doubt you are taking notes, and are rather annoyed that I’m showing you three identical gray colors).

This was the gray I’d been looking for!

Then I printed out the art on white cardstock – although before I did, I changed the colors up a bit in an image editor (white background with gray line instead of the inverse, and I tweaked the red and blue). If you're inclined to that sort of thing, you'll be happy to know that the image is high-quality enough that swapping out colors is a breeze.

When I cut out the art, though... I cut it too small. Um, oops. Rather than print it out again (I used a high-quality setting which is printer-speak for DRAINS YOUR INK CARTRIDGE), I just cut out the middle section and mounted it on another piece of white cardstock. Instead of “mistake” I'm calling it... umm... “dimension”.

Finally, here it is in place in the laundry room:

Perfect! And it’s the crowning statement for a sizable DIY remodel. No matter how much I adore our remodeled laundry room? I adore the man who helped me through that project far more!

Time spent:
Well, my printer is speedy enough. Waiting for THREE COATS OF PAINT to dry took a bit of time, but I still did the whole project while What I Love Most About My Home was our playing a round of disc golf.

FREE! All supplies were on hand.

And don’t forget to go here to pick out the printable you want in your home - many thanks to them for the fantasic art!


Rachel C said...

This might be a dumb question, but is it hard to paint picture frames? Is there any special techinque to make it easier/look better? I have some black IKEA Ribba frames that I would love to paint white, but I'm not sure what the best method is - brush & reg paint or spraypaint??

Sarah said...

Rachel, I usually spraypaint because it doesn't create brush strokes. The frame here was originally from Goodwill, and I'd already spraypainted it glossy black. In this case, I wanted to work with what I had on hand, and I didn't have gray spraypaint, so a brush it was. Also, I was using gray paint with a flat or eggshell finish, which won't show brush strokes as much. If the paint was glossier it wouldn't have looked as good hand-painted.

But in your case, just get the spraypaint! One last thought. I would bet the IKEA frames are slick to the finish and won't hold paint well. You might consider sanding or priming (they sell spray-primer) if you want to avoid chipping - not necessary, but would save touch-ups in the future.