08 September 2011

DIY: yearly photo-in-a-photo

If you are one of the four regular readers of my blog, then chances are you already use Pinterest. (Or, if you are my mother, which is basically 25% of my readership, you use “Pin-interest”.) I mean, I only mention Pinterest practically every day, how could you not be using it? But the fact is that it’s just so perfect for finding and keeping ideas that it’s no wonder so many people have taken a shining to it.

One of the interesting things I’ve noticed about Pinterest is how certain images get re-pinned over and over, for several days or weeks or even months. I don’t usually pin those things, partly because I try to only save ideas I’ll actually do (lest my personalized pinboards become as overwhelming as the rest of the interwebs), and partly because I already know I’ll see it over and over again without me pinning it.

That was the case with this photo (click here for “source” which seems to be an uploaded pin):

The caption suggested doing this on every anniversary, which I thought was super precious... and unfortunate that I didn’t see this before our anniversary. We didn't even take a photo of ourselves on our anniversary, because it was rainy and we spent our anniversary in our jammies watching Netflix and eating cake, which is a perfect "celebration" to us, but doesn't make for good photography. Oh well.

Then my mother sent it to me, as it was one of those viral pins that popped up on her Pin-interest. Her email said “It’s not too late!” And I decided that, you know, she was right. So what if we fudge a little bit? We didn’t have to start with a wedding photo, even. Just one “around getting married”, “first year of marriage”, and so on.

Once I got over the idea that it had to be an “anniversary” photo, I knew I had the perfect photo to kick this off. Nope, not a wedding photo. Just before Mr. P and I got married, we had our photo taken together for our church directory. Together, because we were soon going to be a family by church-directory-standards. This was inexplicably a big deal to me – our first photo taken as a “family”! We'd had engagement photos taken, sure, but those were of an engaged couple. This was supposed to be a photo of a married couple. Of Mr. and Mrs. P.

We got a complimentary 8x10 out of it, which I haven't hung up because it screams CHURCH DIRECTORY PHOTO and there are far more interesting and stylish photos of us to display, special as it is to me. But as a headshot-style photo, with plenty of significance, to get this project started? Perfect! And I even had an extra 8x10 frame around to do the job. The inspiration photo above used a larger frame, but 8x10s are cheaper to reprint locally or, if need be, can even be printed out with our home printer. I wanted this project to be super easy to continue each year!

So after I gathered my supplies, I politely asked Mr. P if we could be ready for church a few minutes early the next morning to take a photo. He said sure... and then asked why we were taking a photo. I stared at the floor and folded my hands and tried to dig my big toe in between the cracks in the hardwood floorboards while mumbling something about a project. Fortunately, Mr. P is an agreeable man. Like, he at least smiles a teensy bit as he shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

It took a few minutes to get a good shot. We got a few not-so-great ones before I realized I should take the glass out of the frame to avoid light reflecting off it, or before Mr. P realized he needed to smile and pretend to be happy about his wife’s whims:

Or this one, where I had to catch the camera as it started to slide off its tripod, and by tripod I mean “music stand I dug out from under the guest bed and attempted to balance the camera upon”:

But finally? Success!

You may not think that's the most scenic place to take a photo, but was important to me to get our house in the background. You dear readers know this house as my DIY playground, but more important to me, it’s the first home that Mr. P and I shared, together. It's literally where we spent most of our first year of marriage. This time next year we’ll almost certainly be living in a new place, sharing new adventures. And I can’t wait to hold this picture and pose with Mr. P when that time comes, too.


Rachel C said...

I guess I am your only regular reader who isn't on Pinterest yet. I've signed up, but I haven't Pinned anything yet. Honestly the whole idea confuses me. (Does that make me a DIY poser?) Could you offer some tips on how to start the Pinterest process/obsession?

Sarah said...

Well, for starters, I'd recommend putting the "Pin It" bookmarklet in your browser window. When I see something on an outside (non-Pinterest) website that I'd like to do, I can save it to my pins with the bookmarklet. Go to "Add a Pin" on the upper right of Pinterest and it will tell you how to add the shortcut.

On Pinterest itself, you can follow people - me, if you don't know anyone else! Then when you go to Pinterest, your homepage will have pins of people you follow instead of random images. I also like going to "Everything" (link on top left) - Pinterest is starting to reach critical mass, so the overall pin quality is dropping (in my opinion), but the "Everything" page is still good enough for now. And on that page, there are topics on the upper left - I like "Food + Drink" and "Home + Furniture".

It's worth noting that if you click a pin in the same window, the "Everything" page will probably be different when you come back because of all the pinning going on, so maybe open in a new tab/window!

Now, my personal Pinterest philosophy (like I said above) is to ONLY pin things useful to me. For me, usefulness comes from the ability to click the image in a pin and go back to the original source, which has the directions/recipes/whatever that I find useful. So my food board has the pictures that I can glance over and use for inspiration in meal planning, but then I can click through to the recipe when it's time to make the grocery list and prepare the meal.

However, others use Pinterest just to collect their favorite images or sayings to make it their "happy place" on the internet. That's not how I use it but that's not a bad way either :)

Whew, that's probably way more than you needed or wanted to know! You don't HAVE to catch the Pinterest bug - I'm sure some people are better off without it because it can be a timesuck! - but I adore it for saving all my ideas. You can pretty much foresee everything I'll do for the blog by looking at my boards, ha!

Miranda said...

Yay! I saw that and was sad we couldn't do it. I'm glad I can live vicariously through you. And I totally agree it doesn't have to be taken on your actual anniversary. I still haven't gotten Harper's birthday pictures taken, but I figures she's three until January, so I'm still good. And let's be honest, I'll be just as late with her fourth year ones too, so they still end up being a year apart. :)

Shanna said...

I love this idea! So glad your mom suggested it. And you're right, Mr. P is a good sport. Don't think Russ would cooperate with me on this...and anyway, 34 years of photos might be really teensy - HA!