05 September 2011

Eats: chocolate banana nut ice cream

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Are you getting to enjoy it by not laboring? Mr. P gets the day off, but might spend some time laboring around the house. And as for me, I’m going into the lab, because I have meetings with other people who are also laboring. So I suppose we’re getting into the spirit of the holiday... ? Hmmm.

Still, it is theoretically a holiday, and that calls for a treat. A two-part treat! Which I was especially excited to share with you at first, as Nashville was still approximately eleventy billion degrees outside last week. But then Tennessee remembered that Labor Day is the unofficial start of fall, and to be socially correct, like all southernerns putting away their linen and white shoes, Tennessee promptly plummeted into Undeniably Autumn Temperatures.

I am not pleased. Stay back, fall. BACK.

But! It’s supposed to be reasonably warm this week, and then it will become toasty again! And THAT, friends, is when you’re going to want to make this two-part treat!

Both parts of this treat were picked up from Pinterest, as all my ideas these days are. I found this one listed under “How to make creamy ice cream with just one ingredient”. What the what? ONE ingredient? What could that one ingredient be?

Bananas! Of course! Yet another way to use my overripe bananas!

But I couldn’t use just one ingredient, as the original recipe states. Wait, can it be a recipe with only one ingredient? Well, in any case, to fulfill my need to experiment with every recipe, I decided to make it a bit more... junk-foody. A spoonful of cocoa powder and a spoonful of chunky peanut butter could do the trick!

The original “recipe” used frozen bananas, but I just used two medium-sized ones I had on hand. You can eyeball the amount of cocoa and peanut butter I used, but really, you can use however much suits your mood. Then I just pulsed it all into a goo in my little food processor:

And then threw it in the ice cream maker (mine, as you may recall, is a KitchenAid mixer attachment):

I let it churn for about ten minutes, then scooped out the soft-serve into another container to harden in the freezer. And that’s it! Easy peasy!

Verdict? I should have let it freeze overnight instead of in a few hours, but it was sweet enough without any extra sweetener, and the texture was spot on! Basically simple ice cream, the virtuous and ridiculously inexpensive way! And this kind in particular is especially delicious – if not crazy melty – served over piping hot chocolate cake:

Especially if the chocolate cake takes 35 seconds to bake.

What the what?

Dude. I know! Come back tomorrow and I’ll share the second half of this delightful treat! And meanwhile, why not churn up some ice cream for your holiday? It certainly doesn’t take a long time, even if you are spending your labor day in an eponymous way!


Tina said...

If I had another leg to stand on, we'd be having this even w/o the chocolate cake today for sure! ;-)
I've done just the one-ingredient banana ice cream before and it was good, but this sounds even better!

Shanna said...

Whoa, girl...I'll be trying this next in my own little KA ice cream maker! I haven't seen that recipe on Pinterest yet. I made watermelon-strawberry sorbet on Tuesday with the leftover fruit puree [after Rachel made watermelon-strawberry lemonade] with some simple syrup.