27 September 2011

The other Sarah’s house

And by “the other Sarah”, I mean Sarah Richardson, designer extraordinaire, beloved by bloggers like me, host of her own TV show.

Speaking of TV, I don’t watch a lot of it. There are very few shows that I sit down and watch regularly (I can think of only two off-hand). Even then, it could be a week before I make time to watch the DVR’d show, and even then I have a hard time, you know, watching, as opposed to simultaneously answering emails and editing photos and organizing the following day’s lab schedule. TV is usually background noise, if it’s on at all, because I can’t sit still long enough to watch it.

Which is why I adore streaming TV shows on my computer. More than once Mr. P has laughed at me carrying around my laptop, TV show blaring, as I get ready in the morning or clean up the house or fold laundry. And my current show obsession for just that? Sarah’s House! And not just because of the name!

(The name helps. Easier to pretend it is my house.)

I adore Sarah Richardson’s style: lots of patterns, simple color schemes, a focus on functionality, not to mention frequent use of neutrals. So it’s no wonder that I adore her television show, which is – believe it or not – available for streaming on HGTV’s website without ads. Free streaming television without ads! Nobody does that nowadays! Shh, don’t tell HGTV how ridiculous that is.

You can watch the entire season of Sarah’s House where she remodeled a 1960s house in the suburbs (my favorite, honestly, even with the pink living room):

Or the most recent season (click “Season 3” video channel) where Sarah bought a farm and schooled us all in how to use "country" style in a modern way:

Or a similar series where she redecorated her own family’s cottage on an island off the grid:

(Season 2 & 3 photos courtesy of Sarah’s House facebook page, cottage photos courtesy of the HGTV website. You must must must go there for more eye candy.)

And if that’s not enough free commercial-free streaming Sarah, there’s Sarah 101. I haven’t gotten to those yet but will surely adore that series just as much.

It’s easy to become jealous of the other Sarah’s seemingly unlimited budget (“a little over budget” is a common phrase on that show, where “a little over” is thousands of dollars and “budget” is already many thousands of dollars) as well as her ability to take a room down to its bones and build it up to her specifications. Still, Sarah’s core design principles come through, and if you love the style of her finished rooms, watching the process is an easy way to figure out how to make it your own.

And if nothing else, the way Canadian Sarah says “house” is nothing short of adorable.

Enjoy Sarah’s How-oose! And hurry to catch up, I hear Season 4 is premiering soon!


Rachel said...

Sarah, you have just seriously reduced my free-time. Thank you for sharing this link!

Tina said...

So glad you found her - I watched her years ago, back when her hair was short short and I thought she was the cutest thing besides the way she talks and decorates (albeit usually over budget). I know what I can do for the next three weeks now... ;-)