01 September 2011

The thesis-writing room

I’ve lived in this house over five years. And until recently, the third bedroom, which we use as an office, has been the last holdout in terms of “presentable living space”. Oh sure, sometimes our master bedroom has an unmade bed and clutter on the dresser, or a bathroom needs cleaning, but at least when I do clean those rooms, they are nice enough for company to see. The office, on the other hand? I usually just closed the door. It was cluttered and messy and awful. I showed you yesterday what it looked like right before painting it, but the level of junkiness has been pretty consistent the entire time I’ve owned the house:

Earlier this year, I finally started cleaning it out and making it presentable. I told you yesterday how I painted those black laminate shelves white, and I've written about a few other updates, like how I painted the walls, how I made some art and curtains, and how I straightened it up when Mr. P’s parents came to visit:

There were a few more finishing touches I wanted, and I got them at our last IKEA visit. The reason I wanted to finish it up? I’m calling it my “thesis writing room”. (Yes, I did in fact get permission to write.) And if I’m going to write my dissertation in there, I need absolutely NO distractions that would allow me to daydream about decorating. So I needed it DONE. And although I’m still tackling the closet, when it comes to decorating the office itself? I think I am finally, FINALLY done!

So I’m very excited to show you the finished office today! Squeee! Here it is:


My favorite duvet cover transforms Mr. P's brown futon, and the extra Euro-style pillows from IKEA – which perfectly match the homemade no-sew curtains, I might add – make lounging extra comfy. No reason not to settle in and do some hardcore writing!

The lamps behind the duvet are a favorite of mine. I spotted them on the IKEA website but didn’t realize how big they were until we got to the store. It was a happy surprise because they look fantastic around my grid of $4 mirrors from Home Depot:

You may notice in the second “before” photo above that I had a frame leaning on the filing cabinet in the corner. It's from our wedding over a year ago, but I only recently added some frame-hanging wire to actually hang it on the wall:

This is what we used in place of a formal guestbook at our nuptial mass (we also had a photobook at our reception where we asked people to leave us a note). I adore it for several reasons: first, that amazing photo of Mr. P and me taken in the fountains in front of the courthouse, second, it has all the names of our favorite people that attended our wedding, and third, I found the frame in the Hobby Lobby clearance section for $15 (because it had a scratch on the back). So it basically combines all my favorite things: Mr. P, our friends and family, and bargain shopping!

There’s another wedding reminder in this room, too:

Believe it or not, that’s one of our wedding centerpieces. We had twelve shepherd’s-hook centerpieces, each with three hooks, but this one broke. I took this as a reason to sell eleven centerpieces to a new bride when I was clearing out our wedding things, and keep this one for myself as memento-turned-decor.

So now, when I’m writing my thesis, I get this view of favorite things:

Well, that’s if I’m lounging on the futon. If I feel like writing at a desk, I do have this pretty space – complete with a reminder on my faux dry-erase board:

No reason I can’t finish writing a dissertation in there before Thanksgiving! Right?