12 October 2011

Thirty by thirty update: novels

Last year, I bought a Kindle for Mr. P for Christmas. So theoretically, Mr. P has a Kindle. In reality, we share a Kindle, and considering that the Kindle is actually registered to my account, practically, I have a Kindle.

And boy do I like it. It’s not the fancypants tablet that you get with an iPad, and the internet browser definitely leaves something to be desired. But it performs perfectly when it comes to my main reason for purchasing a Kindle: FEWER THINGS. I have a friend who loves the smell of physical books, and could never give them up. I, however, vastly prefer having fewer things to collect and move around (oh gahhh, the moving). And the added bonus? Plenty of free reading material!

As a matter of fact, it helps me work on my 30 by 30 reading goal. I’ve already read two novels in my few spare moments. One was a free eBook (no longer free, sorry), a post-disaster drama that I didn’t realize until a several chapters in was actually, uh, a religious book. Still, it was decent reading if only for the questions it provoked about how I’d manage in tough times. And it was free! I love free stuff.

(The other book was one Mr. P brought along when he moved in: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Again: free, didn’t add to the house clutter, and definitely worth a read. Way more than the free Christian e-book.)

So I’m officially two-fifths of the way through my 30 by 30 goal, less than six months in, thanks to a free eBook. Usually the free eBooks are not my taste – lots of romance or religious or saucy crime novels – so I didn’t know if I’d be able to conquer the rest of the goal with free eBooks.

But now... I am extremely excited that recently they started allowing Kindle books to be checked out of the public library. You guys!

My reaction can only be summed up thusly: !!!!!!!

Of course, you have to have a library card for the library offering the eBooks, but our local libraries (where we’re already cardholders) are participating. And the method of delivery from the library is just like Amazon’s, in that you browse and select books from your web browser and they magically appears on the Kindle (okay, Amazon sends it via “Whispernet”, or whatever, but it feels magical).

I could complain about how some books I’ve wanted aren’t in the Kindle eBook catalog, or how everyone else is excited such that many of the good books have long waiting lists, or how the library doesn’t allow you to browse “available only”... but I won’t. Because this is the future, you guys. Magic.

I could seriously knock out the rest of my 30 by 30 reading goal in a matter of weeks... if it weren’t for that pesky dissertation. And I suppose I should note that I can also load scientific papers on the Kindle. But what’s the fun in that? No magic at all.


Christal said...

I'm not sure if I'm the smelling friend you referred to (errrr, the friend who likes to smell books, that is, hopefully!) But I have a confession. While I still do prefer paper books, I do own a Nook. And really like it. I am happily straddling both worlds. :-)

Sarah said...

Christal, I'm amazed! You were in fact the one I was thinking of ;)

Rachel C said...

I straddle both world too! I swore that I would NEVER get a Kindle becuase I love the weight, smell and feel of real books too much. Then my husband bought me a Kindle for V-Day and I am a changed woman. I probably split my reading 50/50 but I love my Kindle. I would cry if someone took it away.

Also, how do you find out if your local library is offering Kindle books????

Shanna said...

Russell has been excited about Weldon Library being a part of the e-book library system. I think it's statewide, so for anyone out there who is interested, be sure to check out your local library/ website for details. And Russ is using a Nook and really likes it! I'm so pleased you are promoting the e-Library! :)

Sarah said...

Rachel, check your local library's website - it's statewide so if you are where I think you are, it should be available! Look for that image; it's on both our local libraries' websites (Mr. P is still a cardholder where he lived before we married, too).

Laura said...

I LOVE checking out books from the library on my Nook! I'm a both-worlds-straddler, too. :)