25 October 2011

Blog crush: Sara’s woman cave at Russet Street Reno

I’ll be honest: I am in full-on career mode nowadays. I surely miss the weekends of DIY – my favorite Wooster brush, my power screwdriver, even my glue gun. I miss them all. But the truth is, right now I need to find a job, or two. And I really need to write my dissertation, or else I’ll have nothing to defend in a little over a month.

I want to keep writing here too, though. But because creating my own DIY content is limited these days, I could end up just writing, “And then I sat in a chair for six hours to draft Chapter V and polish the discussion section of Chapter II and edit the figure legends for Chapter III and convert Chapter IV to a PDF and I did get a cup of coffee in the middle of all that” and you just fell asleep, didn’t you?

Fact: we all want the home improvement eye candy. Myself included.

And so! I shall instead tell you about my favorite home improvers/DIYers from around the web! Today, it’s Sara from Russet Street Reno.

Here’s what you need to know about the other other Sara(h): she puts every last bit of my DIY knowledge to shame. She and her now-husband bought an old house with a previous owner of questionable taste, if not sanity. And they are transforming this old home, room by room, stripping wallpaper and refinishing floors and building cabinetry and constructing a patio, all with fabulous style. (Remember, in contrast, I bought a builder-basic that had already been significantly updated. Sara is truly impressive. She is the master, I am but a young grasshopper.)

Right now, they’re in the middle of renovating their kitchen, but my favorite room in their whole house is the “woman cave.” You can click each photo below to visit Sara’s post about it.

This is pre-makeover, with orange paint (Sara’s work) and maroon (maroon!) trim:

The orange paint was over wallpaper, which they ripped down, but the trim had to be painted. It took a lot of paint to cover that up, including some clever spray-painting that I’m glad I know works, but hope I never ever need to do myself:

Then she and her husband used off-the-shelf cabinetry to build a wall of bookshelves along the back wall which, honestly, is one of my absolute favorite features that I want to create so badly myself someday:

Then Sara used her knowledge of style and electrical wiring to replace an old ugly fluorescent fixture with a gorgeous incandescent one:

And finally, check out this room. I mean. Shut the front door.

Did your jaw drop? Scroll back up and review the before. Yeah, there's your jaw dropping! The custom white sofa! The blue ceiling! The TWO sparkly light fixtures! The rainbow books on the shelves!

Go visit Sara’s post to see the rest of her crush-worthy woman cave! It’s stunning. And the rest of their house is incredible as well – both what they’ve done and what they have left to do.

I know the traffic I can send her way is minimal (but I still love each one of you four readers! Smooches!). Still, if you like what you see, please give her a follow or drop her a note to say so. Meanwhile I’ll just sit here, drooling and breathless. I’ve got it bad.


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

So, I'm just seeing this three years later, I'm so sorry! Thank you so much for your wonderful feature of our den!