18 October 2011

Cankle-inspired décor

Hello! Welcome back!

Chicken butt! Hahaha, that never gets old.

Okaaay. Fine, what?

It’s true, lovely blog readers! Provided all goes as anticipated at her doctor’s appointment today, my mother’s cankle (explained here and here) is finally healed enough to walk upon! She was originally told it would be twelve weeks, but she was nevertheless disappointed at the eight-week visit when the doctor said to wait just two more weeks, because she’d “done twelve weeks' worth of healing already”. It's been a long ten weeks.

But the day is finally here! I’ll be catching a flight at the same time as her appointment, so I can’t be there to wish the very best to her – and my stepdad, for whom this has also been an ordeal. So here’s hoping!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought I’d show you a bit of cankle-inspired décor. See, my mom has quite a few wonderful friends who did a lot of nice things for her and my stepdad over the last ten weeks. Because she’s a proper Southern lady, my mom wrote thank-you cards to them.

And because I helped them out whenever they’ve been here in Nashville? She wrote me a thank-you card, too. Nevermind that I’m her daughter and you just do stuff like that as a daughter. It meant a lot to her, so she wrote a note expressing her thanks, which now means a lot to me. I may have shed a tear or twenty reading it. Plus it’s quite a pretty card:

And for a good cause, too. It’s from the American Cancer Society, which is rather fitting as cancer seems to be the one tragedy that hasn’t struck our family in the last year.

I didn’t want to toss out this card, but I’m also not a fan of shoving any more stuff in our overflowing office closet. Instead I spied this Anthropologie frame – a Christmas gift from Mr. P’s sister, back when we were first engaged.

Believe it or not, that botanical fruit print is what actually came in the frame. I liked it more than any else I had to frame, so I just left it as-is and put it in my kitchen, which had some green in it. This frame has since been moved to our green guest room – which has some pops of red and turquoise in the art and pillows. Heeey, those are the same colors as the card!

The next step is clear.

I love how colorful and cheerful it is on the white dresser with the white mirror! But I love more how it reminds me of my sweet mother, she of the impeccable manners and tremendous gratitude.

Good luck today, Mom!


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Yes! Hooray!!! I think... =/ They "deroofed" the blisters which bled and look like raw red meat underneath... Dr. J said, "huh - never seen that before" but then he hugged me and said "but the x-rays look great and I still think you can have that walking boot". YES! So it's DIY doctor the wounds.And start pt asap. The boot is an aircast which pumps up - and squeezes the screws on both sides of my ankle bones... and they hurt like heck - from the inside out! He wouldn't take them out today but said it's no big deal and he will in 6 weeks, the next app't. And what if they poke through? He said Ron could take them out himself with a Phillips screwdriver. Ack! So it hurts, I'm lopsided and painfully slow with the walker, BUT I am walking!!! :-)Hopefully, it's smooth sailing now and this is The End of "the cankle phase"...?