11 October 2011

DIY: dry erase calendar

You guys, these months are just getting crazier and crazier. I warned you already that the dissertation-writing and job-searching was kicking into high gear, and as much as I hoped I was exaggerating, I wasn’t. It’s serious time-management time.

Which means I’m back to my college way to feel cheerfully in-control: dry-erase board calendars. Back then I’d make these very elaborate calendars every single month, hand-drawing out the weeks and doodling all around the sides. It’s too bad I didn’t take a photo of any of them, but I didn’t see them as works of art – they were a coping mechanism. I did something similar but less elaborate when I was wedding planning:

I use a Google Calendar now, of course, and it’s still my primary go-to calendar for general life organization, from big things to minute details. But actually physically drawing out the month ahead, writing the big events in ALL CAPS with fun doodles for levity? That is satisfying in a way that Google Calendar is not.

I wasn’t as into the giant dry erase board this time, though, and with this as inspiration, I wanted to make a smaller one, using a photo frame. Remember? I showed you here that you can use dry erase marker on glass! So, my plan was to print out a big grid on paper, frame it, and use that as my dry-erase calendar.

But then? Hobbity Lobbity read my mind, thus totally undermining the idea that this is a legtimate "DIY" post, as opposed to a "stuff I bought" post.

Calendar scrapbook page, for less than fifty cents! I reasoned that justified the purchase of another black photo frame for five bucks.

Then it was just a matter of framing it and filling it in:

...in garish non-matching colors. Which I promptly erased and filled in with black, instead. Of course.

September wasn’t too awful, but October’s ramping up...

Already it's a bit frustrating to look at, as we're only in the second week and I'm already behind, thanks to this head cold. And if you look closely, you’ll see that I’m actually on the road today for a job interview. Told you this month absolutely calls for a creative dry-erase calendar.

Of course, if you’re not near a craft store that can magically read your mind to take your money, you can always print out your own base calendar and use an 8x10” frame (this one is 12x12”). Alternatively, you can go the expensive route the inspiration post used and get a custom vinyl calendar – or fake it, by drawing a grid on the opposite side of an empty frame in permanent marker.

Easy peasy, and the options are endless. Plus you get to doodle, and no matter how bad you doodle, that’s always relaxing. And speaking of bad doodles, five points to anyone who can figure out what that is on the upper left of my October calendar! C’mon, make me feel marginally better about my lack of artistic skills.


Shanna said...

I **LOVE** the calendar! I made something similar [Blessing Boards] for my co-workers for Christmas, using decorated paper behind the glass.

Hmmm...I think you've drawn a talking witch's hat in the upper left corner. Am I right? Do I get a prize?!?

Christal said...

Doh, I'm a dork. I just sent you an email asking about interviews, and now I can see you're right in the middle of one! Good luck, you'll do wonderfully, and we'll catch up when things calm a bit!

Tina said...

It caught my eye immediately - I thought it was cute personified, too... I guess it's a witch's or a wizard's hat!:-)Do I win anything?

Rachel said...

Why, that is the Sorting Hat, right??

Sarah said...

You guys are close... it's a specific hat, a very special one!

And yes, Christal, I'm in Austin and was happy to get your email... I'll write later but tonight I'm zonked! :)

Sarah said...

Rachel, I missed your comment... it IS the Sorting Hat! I was tempted to draw it with a speech bubble saying "Ravenclaw!" ;)

Christal said...

Sarah, do NOT come back with a hook'em horns shirt. That's all I ask. :-)

Sarah said...

Christal, I've eschewed all Big Oranges for years, and I'll continue that tradition.