05 October 2011

Personalizing a wedding registry gift

As you know from yesterday’s post, Mr. P and I were recently in the market for a wedding gift. And when it comes to wedding gifts, we are firmly in the “give presents from the registry” camp if at all possible. I know, some couples register at stores far away from their guests, or nothing looks good on their registry, or it seems impersonal. It doesn’t matter. I always buy off the registry, because the gift is not about me, it’s about them, and I want to give the couple what they want.

So that’s how Mr. P and I decided to get the newlyweds a Cuisinart food processor. It was on their registry, it was the right dollar amount for us, and best of all, I adore my little Cuisinart that Mr. P’s mom gave me at my bridal shower (off our registry, no less). The only problem was, on the day of the wedding, I realized we had a gift, but no card. If buying off the registry is impersonal, then the card is the way to make it personal again. Even the most ardent registry-buyer (me) feels lame and impersonal buying a registry gift with no card.

Fortunately Mr. P came up with a fantastic idea, based a wedding gift we received. A teacher-friend of his gave us the wire cooling racks we requested on our registry, but she also included recipe cards with cookie recipes to use with the racks. Hmm...

See, when I said I adore my own Cuisinart, I mean I use it almost daily to make fruit smoothies. Mr. P suggested that I write out the smoothie recipe, and that could be a card and a personal touch. Genius, he is!

First I had to figure out the recipe. You don’t think I’d ever measured the smoothie ingredients, right? You know me better than that. So I figured them out by – how else? Making a pre-wedding smoothie!

Having determined the measurements, I dug around in my craft supplies drawer to find a card I had on hand (leftover from our homemade Save-the-Dates), a felt calligraphy pen, and some of my clear stamps:

Then I wrote the recipe on the outside of the card, using the stamps to add a cute little design.

On the inside, I just wrote our well-wishing sentiment and we each signed our names. I wish I'd had some colored cardstock or ink to make it a bit more festive (of course I would only have neutrals), but for what I had on hand, it worked just fine.

Personal touch accomplished! And even better than a store-bought card, at least in terms of thoughtfulness. And best of all, I am pretty sure it seems like we got that gift to share that recipe on purpose, instead of making the connection an hour before the wedding. Ha!

I love personalizing registry gifts by adding in something I truly love, like a favorite bath salt to the registry towels or an apron with baking equipment – but a free, last-minute, daily-used recipe can work just as well! You get your personal touch, and the bride and groom aren’t stuck with only the gift you thought they should have. Win-win!

If you can't read the card and you're craving a smoothie now, the recipe is simply a banana (in frozen chunks, for best results) and a half-cup each of frozen mixed berries and vanilla almond milk. If I'm feeling virtuous, I add a cup of fresh spinach leaves. It's delicious! And now you have another recipe you can tuck in a bride's gift in the future.