14 October 2011

Photo Friday #16: snowflakes in October

Mr. P gave me this Swarovski snowflake last year on St. Nick's day for our first Christmas as a married couple (the little tag says 2010). It was lovingly displayed on our first Christmas tree, but I couldn't bear to box it up when the holidays were over. So it's hung here on our kitchen window all year, and it casts rainbows all over the kitchen when the sun hits it.

In the past few weeks, the days have gotten shorter, the sun is up later, and there are no longer rainbows with my morning coffee. A drab reminder that real snowflakes are coming soon. At least this one still makes me smile.


Tina said...

Awwww - that is so sweet... I'm so happy you have your Love to keep you warm. :-)

Shanna said...

It's lovely! Lucky you!