20 October 2011

Sneaky storage

Let’s pretend for a minute that I’ve invited you to my home. Well, I mean, you’re all invited anyway, but let’s pretend you actually came. Welcome! Here, let me graciously receive you the entryway.

Nice place, eh? Yeah, it’s a bit heavy on the neutrals, but you wouldn’t expect any less from me, right? But guess what. Not only is it stylish – you’re also looking at the storage place for most of my DIY arsenal. That’s right, those stylish grommet and canvas baskets, which I purchased for a pretty penny because they were the perfect dimensions for the cube shelves (fifteen bucks each! what the what, Target!)? They actually hold all my DIY supplies!

From my little hammer and assortment of screwdrivers:

To my tape measure, staple gun, spackle, and trademark pink-ruler-turned-spackle-knife:

And more! While it may seem crazy to keep all my DIY supplies in the entryway... what else would I keep in there? I tried to put stationary supplies in one, thinking perhaps I’d need a stamp... on my way out the door, or something? But I ended up relocating all of that to the office, where my birthday card box is kept. So I instead took advantage of the fact that the entryway is in the middle of the house, and used it to store things that I use all over the house. Sure, I could put those tools in the broom closet, or the garage, but it seems like I use this stuff at least once a week for random things around our house. It made the most sense to me to put it in a central place! And I’m not the only one: I learned earlier this week that Sarah at Thrifty Décor Chick is a hallway-DIY-supplier, too.

I also use this television stand in our bedroom (yes we have a TV in our bedroom, Judgy McJudgerson):

...as a place to hold all my paint supplies. No, really.

Not the big buckets, clearly, but ALL my paintbrushes and rollers, my paint trays, my samples, and small aliquots of the paints we use throughout our house are stored here, in a TV stand in the master bedroom. Strange? Maybe, but again, why not there?

My last big DIY stash is in the top drawer of the dresser in the guest room – shown here as I was giving it a good clean-out:

Because, really. Gross.

After cleaning it out, here’s all my crafting whatnot, like ribbon, fabric scraps, various hole punches, craft wire, hot glue gun, paper cutter, scrapbook paper, stamps... it's all here:

You know, I’ve said here before that planning our wedding is really what lit my DIY spark. But I didn’t say why I was so reluctant I was to start DIY’ing, or why I rolled my eyes anytime got excited over visiting a craft or building supply store. It’s because I figured building up a DIY toolkit is costly, which I didn't like, and I was even more vehemently opposed to the clutter of all the supplies, especially if I felt like I wouldn’t use them often.

That’s true for some people, I guess. But in my case, you just saw everything I use for DIY except for a few tools – a saw, a small sander, a caulking gun, a small Dremel, and a drill (which is about to die anyway, and I’ve been substituting my power screwdriver). Even including those, it can all fit in a few drawers, it didn’t break the bank, and I use all of those things routinely. It’s a minimalist approach, for sure – take our laundry closet remodel as an example for how you trade tools for sweat equity. But it's doable, and above all, worth having a DIY arsenal that can be stashed away in the smallest places!


Miranda said...

Yay! I love it. Just like two days ago, I gave into putting the peanut butter in the cabinet over the stove. It should, officially, live in the pantry, but it never got there and just lived on the stove (because that's where I make sandwiches). I finally gave in because who made these rules about where things are "supposed" to go? I mean, maybe a person wouldn't logically look for the peanut butter over the stove, but if some random person is in my house, I don't think they should be making a sandwich anyway. :)

Christal said...

HA, Miranda, you crack me up! Holy crap, SP, your entry way looks GORGEOUS!