31 October 2011


Happy Halloween, everyone! Even though today is the 31st, I expect most of your got your celebration on over the weekend, hmm? I hope it was a great one! We celebrated on Saturday, ourselves.

But first things first. No one guessed this movie:

Was it that tough? Or maybe you guys are like me and don’t ever really comment on blog posts on principle. It’s ok. I’m with you.

The correct answer is Beetlejuice! That’s one of the only two scenes I remembered from watching it during my childhood – this one, and the dude with the teensy shrunken head in the waiting room. The latter I remember because it creeped me out so much, but the former I remember because teenage Winona Ryder just looked like she was having so much fun with those football player ghosts. So grownup, so mature, so admirable Winona Ryder, I thought at the time, though I now realize she is practically a baby in that movie. Oh, time. You are truly the scariest of all.

Anyway, back to our weekend Halloween celebration. We even dressed up! Not in costume, but in nice clothes, to see this:

That would be the program cover for WICKED, which I purchased tickets for my parents and I to see this past weekend. So technically in addition to Halloween, we also celebrated my mom’s birthday (in March), my stepdad’s birthday (in April), Mother’s Day (in May), and Father’s Day (in June). Because I earn a graduate student’s salary and Wicked tickets are kind of expensive, yo.

Photography wasn’t really allowed, of course, so I traded phones with Mr. P for the day, because he has a brand new iPhone 4S with a nice camera, whereas my phone’s fanciest options are “alarm clock” and “stopwatch”. And my giant DSLR wouldn’t fit in my clutch purse, you see.

So that’s how I was able to snap this photo over intermission:

The Time Dragon! With red eyes and smoke and everything. Ahhh!

It was a great show – even my stepdad said it was “pretty good” which is effusive as his praise ever gets. Totally worth battling crazy downtown Nashville traffic to see it! And of course it wasn’t Kristin Chenowyth or Idina Menzel in the starring roles, but the actresses we saw were incredibly talented. If you have the chance to see it while on tour, go for it!

(The forward-facing camera on the iPhone 4S is not as good as the one on the back, I've learned, a little too late. Oh well.)

Afterwards Mr. P met us for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, which was a fun treat to go out with my parents. Did you know they now serve a cheeseburger topped with macaroni and cheese? I had to try it. It is tasty and it makes you feel six years old so, you know, bonus?

So that was our Halloween celebration! Well, most of it. I’ve still got a sugar high to look forward to, because there is no way the trick-or-treaters are going to eat all the candy Mr. P bought. If it looks like the candy bowl is starting to run low... I’m going to hold some back for us. What can I say? Tis the time to be wicked.


Christal said...

I'm glad you told us. For some reason, it looked like a demented Mary Poppins to me. Sounds like a great time was had by all!

Mary Beth said...

I was able to see Wicked on Broadway last week when I was in NYC....it was SO incredible. I wasn't expecting the story to be so intertwined with The Wizard of Oz, but it worked and the set design was amazing!