16 November 2011

Blog crush: Aubrey and Lindsay's master bedroom

If there’s one thing I really like about our home, it’s our master suite. In addition to the ridiculously large closet and the best window in the house, the room itself is spacious (over 14’x14’) and has a great master bathroom. Someday I’ll show it to you! But not today. Too many journal articles strewn all over the dresser and floor.

Even with our great master bedroom, though, it’s hard not to envy the beautiful one that Aubrey and Lindsay created. First of all, I’m a sucker for all-white, and second, they have a king-sized bed to die for (one day, we shall too... one day). But let’s start at the beginning of their incredible renovation!

(Usual blog crush disclaimer: Every single one of these photos belong to Aubrey and Lindsay’s Little House Blog, not me, because I had nothing to do with their gorgeous master bedroom except admire from afar. I’m sharing them with you because I’m a crazy fan and hope you become one, too. Please click on the photo to see the post where the photos were originally featured. Carry on!)

Unlike the house we bought, their home did not have a spacious master bedroom. Instead it had two small upstairs bedrooms, one with a very questionable paint treatment.

So they made two very gutsy moves – first, deciding to downgrade the number of bedrooms in their home, and second, straight-up busting through the walls:

All in order to make a gorgeous single bedroom with a fantastic set of closets. And oh, how very successful they were:

I cannot look at that photo without panting a little. I’m sorry. It’s just perfection! The drum shade pendant, the drop-ceiling with pot lights, and of course the neutral creams and grays... good gracious.

I won’t repeat every one of the stunning photos of their bedroom, so pay a visit to their blog for the rest of the incredible eye candy! But before you go, I do quickly want to point out those nightstands.

Believe it or not, those classy numbers are an IKEA hack out of RAST mini-dressers – see here for Lindsay’s how-to and here for the original inspiration.

I have those filed away as a “someday” project – I came thisclose to purchasing some RAST dressers the last time we were at IKEA, but they didn’t have a model built for me to even look at in-person, plus I was concerned about any weird knots in the wood that I wouldn’t know about until I opened the package at home, a thousand miles away. But someday, maybe.

Go check out the other amazing work Lindsay has done on their home – plus her shop of adorable prints – at the Little House Blog! (Their DIY kitchen bench nearly got featured here... if it weren’t for my sloppy crush on their master bedroom. But scroll up again... can you blame me?)


Lindsay said...

I just came across this post and was so honored at the description of our bedroom. You are so kind!!! I really wish I had seen this sooner to thank you. I'm now going to spend my evening reading your lovely blog!