09 November 2011

Blog crush: Kate's patio at Centsational Girl

I wish I lived in California. No wait, I totally take that back. I wish we lived in a place with California’s climate. I mean, Nashville is nice... yeah yeah, four seasons, fall colors, blah blah blah. I would still take year-round outdoor living any day. Although the high cost of living and shambled economy of California... not so much, I guess.

But still. If we lived in a place with almost no rain and pleasant outdoor temperatures year-round, then I am sure that our deck would be a heck of a lot nicer than it is. I’d actually put some effort into it, so we could enjoy it! And the lack of precipitation means it wouldn’t matter that I left the deck furniture cushions outside for six years straight and... yeah, probably ruined them.

So I’m a bit jealous of the outdoor living room that Kate from Centsational Girl created for her California home this past summer. Major, major blog crush. Even the starting point isn’t so bad considering the view overlooks her personal vineyards:

(Again, I must mention that all the photos belong to the blog owner, and that you can click them to link back to the original blog post. I did not create any of this. I am but an admiring fan. A lowly, jealous fan. Carry on!)

That setup is remarkably similar to our current outdoor space, actually: fancypants grill and no place decent to sit. Hmm. Kate, though, got hers in ship-shape, starting by covering it with a in-freaking-credible canopy:

The link for the gazebo she purchased isn’t active anymore, but I think it came with those curtains. Still, don’t they look an awful lot like drop-cloth curtains? And I mean that as a good thing! I bet you could make a copycat out of a less-swanky canopy using the drop-cloth curtain trick.

One of my favorite parts of the outdoor room is the color scheme. I mean, duh. Neutrals + natural greens = a winning combination. For outdoor rooms, weddings, blog themes... ahem.

A lot of the stuff was store-bought with credit Kate had, but she did bust out a bit of DIY by whitewashing this chest. Normally I’m not a huge fan of shabby chic, but I’m being won over.

And she also made some pillows out of clearance placemats, which reminds me: make some pillowcases out of clearance placemats.

Good grief, I miss summer. Not that I had a beautiful outdoor room to enjoy it – but I have the inspiration now. Perhaps... I’ll go sweep all the dead leaves off the deck?

Be sure to visit Centsational Girl Kate for more eye candy. Her style is to die for and her painting tips are second to none!