22 November 2011

Blog crush: Mrs. Limestone's kitchen and bath

Thus far in this little “blog crush” series, I’ve featured a den, a living room, a bedroom, and a patio. So I thought today, to round out this little fantasy house I’m creating, I would feature a bathroom and a kitchen. Funnily enough, they’re the most expensive rooms to renovate – and they’re where we’ve put almost all our DIY dollars in this house – but they’re usually the one I’m least drawn to in photos. Weird, right? There are plenty of stunning kitchens and baths out there, but I honestly prefer an amazing before and after to an unattainable 200-square-foot bathroom.

So today we’ll pay a visit to the Brooklyn Limestone! Her before-and-afters are really, truly second to none. You guys already read Mrs. Limestone, right? Because if you don’t, you really should. Not only did she and her husband renovate an original Brooklyn limestone rowhouse that could only be described as “dilapidated”, she writes about entertaining and her jet-setting travels. Yes, I am a bit envious of her fabulous life. So let’s check in on the fantastic work she did in their kitchen and bath.

(The usual blog crush boilerplate: All these photos belong to Mrs. Limestone of the Brooklyn Limestone blog, which is not me no matter how much I would, in fact, like to be Mrs. Limestone. You can click the photo to visit the blog post where the photo originally appeared.)

Let’s start with the kitchen. Which did not actually begin as a kitchen, but a small bedroom adjacent to the dining room.

They knocked out the walls and installed a single wall of cabinetry to make it their kitchen. ”Single wall?” I can hear you crowing already. Yes. It’s not a ginormous kitchen. And that’s one of the reasons I love it – they made the most of the space they have, with cabinets to the ceiling:

And the use of the island created an absolutely perfect work triangle. I mean, my kitchen is bigger and I don’t have as great a work triangle as that. That is an equilateral work triangle.

Gorgeous, right? Even better, throughout the renovation of their home, they re-used the old features as much as possible. In this case, the backsplash is created from tiles in an upstairs bathroom that they pried off the wall before renovating – most were in bad shape in the bathroom, but there were enough good ones to reuse for the kitchen. I mean. That is amazing.

I love how they used the tiles from the upstairs bath, but the “parlor bathroom”? Consider those tiles a LOST CAUSE.


That room right there is why I admire Mrs. Limestone. Not only does she renovate a home in Brooklyn in between her fantastic overseas voyages, but she saw that room right there, with the bright pink tiles and horrifying stains, and thought: “I can work with that.”

Good gosh, lady. In the other bathroom, with the pretty tile, they were able to save the fixtures, including a fantastic period wall sink. But not this room. GUTTED, and replaced with new pieces that feel original, like carrera marble hex tiles:

They saved the bathtub from the upstairs bathroom to move into this one, and finished the room with a beautiful mix of tasteful touches:

Even if I did have the guts to not turn heel and run after seeing the original bathroom, there is no way in hades I could convince Mr. P to renovate something like that, ever. It’s probably for the best, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t lust after Mrs. Limestone’s entire home. Be sure to pay her a visit so you can see the rest of their incredibly fabulous city dwelling!

And for funsies, let’s take a tour of all the rooms in the pretend house my blog crushes built – click the photo to visit the source:

Jen’s living room

Mrs. Limestone’s kitchen

Lindsay’s bedroom

Sarah’s den

Mrs. Limestone’s bathroom

Kate’s patio

Yup, that sums up my style pretty well. Now: who wants to move in with me?!


Mrs. Limestone said...

Thanks so much. You are way too nice. I might seem glamourous on my blog but I promise I am not. (Anyone who has meet me can attest to that!)