03 November 2011

A few fall confessions

I’ve complained a bit about the season change on here already, yes. But today, I’m here to confess: I adore the fall colors. There are trees all over Nashville, and especially in my neighborhood, that are gloriously bright red, some so bright they even look hot pink, others that are bright orange and neon yellow, all mixed in with the regular shades of green. It’s just incredible, and every year, my stubbornly difficult anti-cold-weather sentiment softens the tiniest bit to admit how beautiful it is outdoors. Even the modest view out of our kitchen window looks amazing:

And I really do have an excellent view, because I have another confession: I never re-hung curtains in our kitchen. See, once upon a time we (well, I) had these curtains my fantastic mom made for me:

But I sort of grew tired of the style. (Not just of the curtains, but everything else in that photo as well, really.) And when I took down the curtains to paint over that awful rag-roll paint job last March, I realized I was blocking a ton of sunlight and a pleasant view.

Removing the curtains just made that bay window look so much bigger, so I’ve been reluctant to hang any back up, even small ones on the sides, or bamboo shade aboves. And why would I? Look at that sunlight! And the view isn't award-winning, but because the main level of our home is on the second floor, it's almost like we're living in a treehouse! How fun!

Except I realized the other day...

I painted in March. Of this year. When the trees gave us wonderful, leafy privacy. And now that lush privacy is now starting to scatter about our backyard for Mr. P to mulch over with the lawnmower.


So, uh... I suppose I’m now in the market for some curtains. Which, let's be honest, won't be put up until January. Until then... well hello, neighbor! Please ignore the frequency with which I wander into the kitchen for a nighttime spoonful of peanut butter.