24 November 2011

Give thanks with a grateful heart

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Now that my dissertation’s turned in and there’s nothing left but the defense, I’m finally taking a small break to spend a few days with family. The agenda includes the usual: the Macy’s parade, the Packers game, sitting around having eaten way too much... and lots of being grateful.

You guys, I’m really blessed to have all the things that I have, and I know it because I am entitled to none of it. As a result I’m nearly thankful to a fault. Ask Mr. P, who gets thanked nearly hourly for “being awesome” such that it’s probably starting to lose meaning.

So even though I truly am filled with gratitude every day, today is a good day to mention just a few of the many things I’m grateful for, like...

My wonderful large family – how does an only child get so much family?

And my pa, for his beautiful life and that I got to be his granddaughter.

Our beautiful home. It’s shelter, it’s secure, it’s become a hobby...

...and it’s a place to gather our wonderful friends, for whom I’m also grateful.

Gainful employment doing what we want to do, for me and Mr. P. And being done with my dissertation! And taking two new jobs (more on that next week).

The beauty of the earth, and having the opportunity to experience it in person.

Our church, where we got married, and where we get to attend Mass every week.

Mr. P. I mean, duh. He is awesome.

Last but not least: you wonderful readers! Every last one of you! Thank you for reading.

So what are you thankful for today? Tell me in the comments!


Lisa said...

I am thankful that the Jones family is in White House for a few days! Happy Thanksgiving Sarah and Mr. P :)

Christal said...

I'm thankful for my beautiful family, and their health; for having so many wonderful friend...aren't you supposed to only get like 1 or 2?, and this year in particular for Hans and for Hans finally being in CT. But And of course, my own health and happiness. Life is good.

Tina said...

I'm thankful for my health, my family, my home, my friends, and that although I may have a few wants, I have no needs - at all.

Laura said...

I am practically crying over here, I adore this entry! Echoing Christal, I'm thankful for my lovely family and their health, and of course my sweet Jeff. I'm also so thankful that Hans is in CT and that they are coming here next month. Add to this a job that I actually like with kind coworkers, and it's almost silly.