11 November 2011

Photo Friday #20: a late-afternoon stroll

Mr. P and I may not have a good Chinese restaurant nearby, but we are fortunate to live one mile from a greenway-lined river. Last weekend we took a late-afternoon walk on the greenway, and the dose of sunshine, fresh air, and hand-holding-while-strolling with Mr. P was just what I needed as a break from writing my dissertation (which is due eleven days from today). Mr. P called it "recharging my solar battery" and he could not have been more correct.

Yes, that's two photos of the fall colors in a row. We're making the most of the unfortunate post-summer situation, here.


Shanna said...

That is a beautiful spot...I love fall colors! Keep on showing fall photos, I *heart* them :)

Wishing you all the best with your dissertation - I know yours will be excellent.