10 November 2011

Thirty by thirty update: published

Oh hey guys, guess what! I almost forgot to tell you about the completion of a very important project! After talking about my intention to publish a journal article, the submission, the revisions, and the acceptance...

#12: Get published: ACCOMPLISHED.

Now, I knew this had to happen at some point. You can’t really graduate without a first-author publication. But still! First of all, instead of a bunch of smaller publications, I ended up shoving all my thesis work into a single magnum opus. It’s like we didn’t bother making the albums along the way and skipped right to making the greatest hits album: sure, making a lot of albums is hard, but making an album where every song is great is another sort of challenge. It was a struggle to get every experiment just right, but by golly if the reviewers didn’t ask for any experiments that we hadn’t done.

And second of all, let’s reread that earlier sentence. You can’t really graduate without a first-author publication. Dudes, this means I can graduate!

The added bonus is that our paper has been well-received, even getting a few other scientists asking my favorite backhanded compliment question: “Did you try to send it to a higher-tier journal?” (YES. They didn’t want it. Their loss! It is still in a top-ten journal for our field.) And it’s getting featured in a few places, too. I’m writing an invited commentary about it to appear in another journal next spring, and our medical center picked our article for a write-up in the weekly paper:

I didn’t write that copy, the reporter did. So apparently, our scientific article conjures images of Ty Pennington sending a family to Disneyworld so he can tear out walls and build a new beautiful house. As a lover of projects and a chronic redecorator? Worlds collide.


Christal said...

YES!!!! Fantastic, congrats on this awesome accomplishment!!

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