16 December 2011

Photo Friday #25: last year's Christmas present

In our home, I have an original watercolor, painted by a man with the initials BLM in France in 1976. He illustrated the scene in front of him, which happened to be a group of schoolchildren from the United States in a marching band touring Europe. My mom, who was traveling with this group, noticed that the artist was painting this scene and asked to buy the painting from him. He wouldn’t sell it to her, no matter how much money she offered. In desperation and with lots of gesturing to break the language barrier, she explained that the man conducting the band, in a tuxedo with a mustache, was her husband. The artist finally understood but still wouldn’t sell her this painting. Instead, he gave it to her. For free.

Last year, as a Christmas present, Mr. P secretly had this watercolor of my father and his band professionally re-framed for me. I didn’t know I could treasure it more than I already did, but now I do.


Tina said...

Ahhh - thanks for the memory... this was the only real treasure I brought home that year. I hand-carried it all the way... btw, that is the American Embassy in Paris behind your dad, too - don't know if I ever told you that... Google it and map it - you can see the resemblance and it was just a block away from des Champs Elysee that we marched, up to the Arc de Triomphe, July ?, 1976... David did good (as usual) in having it reframed - it is so lovely! Oh, and I love you!