29 December 2011

Resolved: a thirty by thirty round-up

For the last several years, I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions. I’m not necessarily opposed to resolutions, per se. I am just very bad at remembering what I said I would do. As a matter of fact? Maybe I did make resolutions last year, and I just forgot them. Hmmm.

However! Those of you dear readers that have been around since the beginning of this blog – or those of you digging around in the archives, which is not creepy but totally flattering – may remember that this whole blog started because of my 30 by 30 list. That’s right, imaginary new readers that need de-briefing, I have a 30 by 30 list! And because I’ll turn 30 years of old in February of 2013, well, 2012 has to be the year to conquer most of the list. Automatic resolutions, if you will.

So let’s revisit that 30 by 30 list, shall we? (For easy reference, the original posts are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.) Here we go!

#1: Start a blog

#2: Sell our house
Gosh, I hope so. A good part of 2012 posts here at RHS are going to involve marketing our house, I expect.

#3: Organize important family paperwork
That’s a project for the coming weeks!

: Start family planning
Funny story: At Christmas dinner, my mom asked Mr. P and me, “No really, what are your plans for kids now that you’ve finished your degree?” AND IT BEGINS. The answer, for the record, remains NOT NOW. I still enjoy wine too much.

#5: Send birthday cards to immediate family
Well, I haven’t gone through a whole year yet, but my birthday card box is working well so far! The goal this year: remember to buy the next years’ worth of cards in August.

#6: Buy a new couch revised to: Sell current couch
Originally, I wrote that Mr. P doesn’t like our current couch, so I’d like to replace it. However, I had no idea where we’d be in 2012 when I wrote that. Now the idea of buying a new one seems a bit premature, considering that our new apartment may not have room for what I’d like to invest in. Now, the plan is to sell the current one and live with Mr. P’s futon until we’re in the right space for a new couch. Although, revising this one doesn’t make me any closer to having achieved the goal. We’re nowhere near Craigslisting the current one. Oh. Hey. Hey! Anyone want to make it easy on me and buy our couch?

#7: Design photo storage for old family photos
Done! See how I worded it carefully so I didn’t have to actually finish organizing them? Ha! Although they’ll have to be organized before we move, along with eleventy billion other things on the list in the spreadsheet (OF COURSE THERE IS A SPREADSHEET).

#8: Contribute at least $500 to non-profits
Getting there!

#9: Donate at least 100 items to charity
Done! It’s gone to my parents’ church, for the most part. I meant to keep a list of everything so I’d have a final number for you guys, but honestly, once I hit 100 I stopped keeping track. I’m sorry, but stopping to take notes slowed down my frantic cleaning-out. I do know that we have several more carloads of things that will end up at Goodwill before we move!

#10: Volunteer for Room at the Inn
Must do this. Like, uh, this week.

#11: Participate in a community project
As much as I’d like to count “teaching at a public university for approximately a dollar an hour” as community service, that’s not exactly what I had in mind. So it’s still on the list.

#12: Get published

#13: Earn a Ph.D.
DOOONNNNNNE! This was by far the hardest item on the list. Completing it is the reason so many other items on this list are not done. WORTH IT.

#14: Teach a college course
I’m cheating by pretending this one is done already, when really it will take up the vast majority of my time this spring (while also dealing with #2 above, and #15 below). But I got a teaching job, y’all! At a real university! With real, live undergraduate students! That’s... well, not half the battle. But a small fractional part? Yes!

#15: Live outside Tennessee
Unless I want to commute to St. Louis daily from Nashville, I will have to accomplish this around June.

#16: Get my affairs in order
This is something I plan to do while organizing paperwork (#3 above). I got a great link from a family member for how to do it low-cost, so here’s hoping that I can make it so Mr. P will inherit my VAST EMPIRE (of paint cans and cardigans) should something happen to me. At least Mr. P purchased a safe so I don’t keep my outdated will in the freezer anymore.

#17: Run a 10k race revised to: Run 10k
Yes, I’m lowering the bar. It’s important to set goals you can reach. And right now, just being able to run the entire greenway path by our house (about 6 miles) is a goal I can reach.

#18: Eat from a Nashville food cart
To be completed this spring! It will be awfully hard to eat from a Nashville food cart in St. Louis, so, yeah. This spring!

#19: Throw a dinner party
My friends and I were too busy this holiday season, which was my intention, so I’ve had to put this one off. However! If I don’t complete this in Nashville (though I should, I love my friends here) – we already have friends in St. Louis, you guys. That means the ideal solution? Many dinner parties.

#20: Have Saturday brunch once a month
I’m marking this off, even though it’s ongoing, because I really am making the effort to make something once a month. I failed a few times this fall, but I think writing a dissertation is a good excuse. It’s fun to make breakfast, so I should keep it up!

#21: Prepare one vegetarian meal a week
Again, ongoing, and again, I’ve failed a few times. But the idea was to be mindful of meatless dishes, and for that, I’ve done well! New goal: vegetarian dishes that aren’t Italian.

#22: Take a train to visit family in Chicago
It didn’t happen this summer like I thought it might, but for a good reason (how else was I supposed to bring home IKEA goodies without a car)?

It didn’t happen this holiday season either, even without an IKEA visit... but I do think a train runs from St. Louis to Chicago. So maybe in 2012!

#23: Go on a beach vacation with Mr. P
This... well, I don’t know if this will happen. But it would be nice if it did!

#24: Visit far-flung friends
Okay, this is getting depressing. HAS NOT HAPPENED. Fingers crossed that we can make it soon!

#25: Visit three new cities
Getting there! I went to Austin for a job interview, which was a blast (I’m still bummed we won’t be living there, but we can’t be two places at once). Plus I have a few trips lined up for 2012 that should help me check this off the list.

#26: Learn how to use a sewing machine
Has not happened. May not happen. Honestly, I’m still not all that willing to learn. I mean, look what I can do with my BFF Heat n’Bond.

#27: Plant and grow something outdoors
I really, really meant to do this over the summer, but unless you count re-planting the bulbs that were trying to make a run for it out of the weeds, I still need to try this.

#28: Re-learn five piano pieces
I was working on this, but had to abandon it for fear of not finishing my thesis. I’d like to take it up again soon!

#29: Read five new novels
I’m most of the way there! I’ve read Last Light by Terri Blackstock (a free Kindle book, and almost not worth my time), A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers (lovely), and thanks to the public library loaning Kindle books, The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak (a must-read). Pleasure-reading was put on hold for the dissertation, but my librarian mother-in-law has given me FIVE new books to read recently. Can’t wait!

#30: Organize and create a digital system for my photos
This goal was part of “taking more photos”, but between this blog and getting TWO new lenses (more on that next week), I’m taking plenty of photos. I do have a nice blog photo system going, but I’m still missing the backup system I need. Here’s hoping I can get one organized this year.

Whew! You know... that’s quite a lot to do. And I didn’t even bother with all the other things on my to-do list, including a blog re-design... which means I should quit talking and get started!

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s hoping you have success in 2012!