04 January 2012

DIY: silver polishing

Hey, remember when I showed you our spruced-up dining room?

And how I said you should probably just ignore the silver that’s BLACK WITH TARNISH there on the shelves? Yeah? Well, let’s take a closer look at that.

Holy freaking guacamole. I mean rainbows are pretty and all, but not when they appear as an oil slick with speckles of black tarnish on heirloom silver.

If you can believe it, the smaller goblets on the middle shelf are even worse.

Say, what happens when you NEVER EVER polish your silver? That.

It’s been driving me crazy since we started eating in the dining room last summer, if not sooner. But I hadn’t done anything about it – all I had was the polishing cloth for my flute from high school, and some awful-smelling purple junk under my sink that my mom used once and I haven’t touched. Also... I am just kind of lazy about stuff like that.

Until the holidays this year. These showed up in my stocking:

I think perhaps Santa intended for these to be used on my jewelry, but seriously, my jewelry doesn’t need as much help as those goblets. So I decided to put them to use by polishing up the silver in the dining room:

They’re small, yes, but there’s 25 cloths and only twelve goblets. It doesn’t even take a whole cloth to polish one goblet really well, so I could even polish them twice (purely in theory). And geez louise what a difference they make, right?

Of course, we know where the tarnish often ends up when using those cloths:

Fortunately it all comes off if you wash your hands with soap and water. I also found that I could keep at least one hand clean by holding the newly-polished silver part in a paper towel.

Also, I should give credit where credit is due and say that Mr. P actually kicked off this silver polishing spree. He did one first, and it is glorious:

Hellooooooo gorgeous!

And I’ve done another since.... but not all of them. Sure, it only takes a five or ten minutes to polish one goblet, but it sort of makes your fingers crampy. So, my plan is to do one per day over the next two weeks. That I can totally handle! And based on the few we’ve done already, I can’t wait to show you the shelves of polished silver when we finish it up!

So thanks, Santa, for making it easy to finally, finally deal with this! I feel so grown-up having polished silver. Although... I’m not sure that most grownups attribute their presents to Santa Claus. Well... one thing at a time, I suppose.


Tina said...

Lovely - so shiny. :-)
I have two things - no, three, to recommend: Use your old band-issued cotton gloves when cleaning your silver. They'll keep your hands cleaner and are just as washable.
Add this to your amazon wish list - http://www.nancysilver.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=17TTSPS&Category_Code=TOWN_TALK
And finally, maybe try this to make the shine last longer more economically than the above suggestion - http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/household/wd-40.asp

Shanna said...

Wow! I've never seen those jewelry wipes before [probably because I don't wear much jewelry so those things stay in a box all the time], but it looks like they work amazingly well for polishing silver!!! Much better than the goop in a jar my mom used. So today, I've learned something new...thanks!

And you mom is right about the gloves - I've kept old cotton handbell gloves for doing 'dirty' work around the house.