15 February 2012

The amazing reappearing lampshades

Last year, I finally purchased matching lamps for our living room at our local HomeGoods. Do you have a HomeGoods near you? If you do, you’re lucky because that store is amazing for finding nice pieces for your home at reasonable prices. And if you don’t have a HomeGoods, you’re lucky because you probably don’t waste time and money at HomeGoods like I do.

Anyway, we really did need new lamps for our living room. The two that I purchased filled the spaces left when I purged a secondhand lamp that my grandmother purchased at a thrift store (said grandmother passed away in 1968, but to be fair, it was a pretty cool lamp) and a plastic palm tree. Yes, the same one that now lives in our garage next to the vice grip. Pretty much anything would be an improvement over a plastic palm tree and a fifty-year-old lamp with a very fire-hazardy short-circuit in it, but fortunately I managed to score some stylish replacements:

Curvy espresso-wood base with a textured, neutral drum shade? Perfect blend of retro and modern and classic? Yes and yes! There’s just one problem. Can you guess what it is?

Oh, maybe how the lampshade totally blends in with the wall?

What was I thinking? I guess I was distracted by all the lamps’ good points that I neglected to consider that the lamps would be against identically-colored walls that basically make the lampshades look like negative space that somehow casts a slight shadow, with a finial mysteriously hovering in midair over the lamp base.

My mistake has always sort of bugged me, but really, everything else about the lamps works great, so I’ve lived with it... until recently, while sitting across the room grading papers and looking for something, anything, to allow me to take a break from grading papers. So I dug around in my craft drawer for something to add trim to the lampshades so they no longer vanished into the background. And here’s what I came up with:

A minor, but free, improvement! There’s green in the throw on the chair and in a few other places around the room, so I felt like the green worked. But... can you tell what I found in my craft drawer to use as trim?

Is it obvious yet?

Oh yes I am that crazy lady who just wrapped a lampshade in floral tape.

But hey! At least my lampshades don’t disappear into the wall anymore! Even if I’m not 100% sold on it yet, I was able to go back to grading happily, grinning up at my free ten-minute FREE fix.

Of course... now it’s all the more obvious that my lampshade is crooked. Shhh. One thing at a time!


Tina said...

Well... it is changeable, too... so don't you have any leftover damask ribbon anymore??? ;-)Agreed, the "trim" is what it needed, tho'...