20 February 2012

Eats: easy broccoli and cheese mini-quiches

Recently, my mother has become obsessed with protein. As in, making sure her diet has enough of it, and specifically, trying to make her breakfast protein-based. I’m not exactly sure why now, or why protein, or why she feels so strongly about it that she tries to stash protein bars in my purse despite my protestations, but I’m definitely throwing Dr. Oz a suspicious look.

I do agree, however, that including protein in your breakfast is probably better for sustaining your metabolism than an all-carb breakfast. So that’s why, for you and for my mom, I’m sharing these microwavable, crustless, mini-quiches with you. I found this recipe a while back and decided to give them a try, hoping that they would freeze and reheat well in the microwave. And they do!

The source uses sausage in these mini-quiches as well. I have made them that way and indeed, they are delicious, but really, you can fill these however you want. I didn’t have sausage on hand when I made them this time, though, so I made a vegetarian version instead by using about two cups of broccoli florets, chopped into fairly small pieces.

Do any other twenty/thirty-somethings who grew up on Dana Carvey’s comedy special inevitably sing his “Choppin’ Broccoli” song to themselves every time they cut up broccoli? Just me? Hmm. Well, good to know.

Anyway! Then I whisked together six eggs (fewer than the source), a quarter-cup of milk, a half-tablespoon of oil (omit if you use sausage), and a half-teaspoon each of baking powder, pepper, and salt. You can use cream if you prefer, and add any other spices to suit your mood. I kept it light and simple this time.

Then I whisked in a handful of cheese, and also the broccoli...

...though it kind of makes more sense to evenly distribute the broccoli in the muffin tins and pour the egg mixture over it. That’s how I usually do it; I just wasn’t thinking when I made these.

Either way, distribute the egg mixture and broccoli evenly into a well-greased muffin tin. I use six eggs because that seems to work out to a dozen mini-quiches. I also sprinkle more cheese on top because hey, protein!

Pop them in a 375-degree oven for about fifteen minutes. The broccoli will roast and the eggs will puff up and look divine.

Now, Mr. P eats a bowl of cereal every morning for breakfast, which means eating these up is all my responsibility. And I can’t eat two cups of broccoli and six eggs at once. Which is why I’m happy to report that you can let these cool, put them in Ziploc baggies, and throw them in the freezer. Then, pull out however many you’d like to have for breakfast and reheat in the microwave! You don’t even have to defrost; in my microwave, they only take about a minute to heat through. And if you’re careful not to overheat them, they’re just as fluffy and non-rubbery as when they’re fresh out of the oven!

You can whip up a batch of these and make about a week’s worth of hot, quick, protein-filled breakfasts in under a half an hour! Dr. Oz would be so proud. Enjoy!


Laura said...

I am totally making these.