21 February 2012

Five weddings and hopefully no funerals

2012 is already projected to go down in the history books as a big year. It’s the year Team P moves away from Nashville (Mr. P has lived here over a decade!), it’s the year we’ll try to sell our home in a depressed housing market, and it’s the year we’ll start a new adventure in a new city with new jobs. But in addition to all that? 2012 is the year of weddings.

A little less than a year ago, I was letting my mind wander while cooking dinner, thinking about how fun weddings are. The happy couple works so hard to make their wedding day special, and then it is, and they get to enjoy it and see all their friends and family in one place (which, by the way, was totally my second-favorite part of our wedding, runner-up only to getting to marry Mr. P). Weddings are just magical like that. So I while stirred whatever it was I had on the stove, I said to Mr. P, “I hope some of our friends get engaged soon. Weddings are so much fun! I’m in the mood for some weddings.”

Not an hour later, Mr. P’s sister called. The sister with the long-term boyfriend. When Mr. P checked the caller ID and said it was her, I started jumping around and flapping my hands not only because she was engaged but because I totally have engagement ESP, you guys.

So yeah! Mr. P’s sister is getting married this summer! But that alone isn’t the reason 2012 is the year of weddings. Also getting married this summer? Two of my graduate school friends (in separate events, not to each other) and Mr. P’s former roommate. Those four weddings all occur within two months of each other – three are back to back. Plus, in October there’s the wedding of another set of graduate school friends. That is five weddings of close friends/family in 2012. I am pretty sure that’s a record for us.

But wait that is not the craziest part. What, attending four weddings while simultaneously relocating to a new city and starting a new job isn’t the craziest part? Nope. The craziest part is this:

That’s my passport renewal. Because one of the weddings is in London. Yes, as in England. It’s a perk of having friends from many other countries! And it’ll be super fun!

But super requires-an-up-to-date-passport as well, unfortunately! While I did renew my passport in 2010 for our Italian honeymoon, I traveled then in my maiden name. And yes, I’m the idiot who didn’t get my passport changed to my married name within the one-year window. You know, the window in which it costs like $20 instead of $120 and doesn’t require a new photo. If you are getting married – I’m talking to you, five future brides – and decide to change your name: BE YE NOT SO DUMB.

So, that’s how I spent my entire morning recently, yelling at the government’s website and also my printer, digging around for our marriage certificate, plus spiffing up my appearance for a late-evening passport photo session at Walgreen’s. Just one small part of the many wedding-related mini-projects I see in my future, I think.

And now I’m in the fingers-crossing part – that it all arrives at the office and is processed promptly and gets back to me with plenty of time to spare! Won’t you cross your fingers with me? In the meantime, I can use up a lot of time by counting all the save-the-dates on our fridge!