17 February 2012

Photo Friday #34: ten forty PM

Today, I am officially twenty-nine years of old. When Mr. P asked what I wanted for my birthday, I told him I wanted a new watch battery for the Timex my stepfather gave me for Christmas over a decade ago (the clock in my classroom is awkwardly placed). Yes, that is really what I wanted, and yes, I really am that practical and boring.

Mr. P, on the other hand, is not. Which is why I instead received a gorgeous new Citizen watch (!!!) as a sort of Valentine-birthday combo present.

My husband is literally color-blind and wears flip-flops to church, but dang he has impeccable taste in women’s jewelry.


Tina said...

(Still smiling over the last comment...)
It is gorgeous, Sweetheart, Happy Birthday!
(David, you did good - again. :-))