01 February 2012

Silver polished: check!

Guess what, dear readers! It’s been almost a month, but I finally have an update on a completed project for you. That’s right! Despite feeling all out-of-sorts with the job change, I actually accomplished something around the house! Something small. But something!

Remember when I showed you how I was displaying incredibly tarnished silver like a crazy person in our dining room? Seriously. I went all out making my own custom linens while somehow ignoring the fact that our silver looked like it was just vomited up from Hades.

But then, remember how I showed you that jewelry polishing wipes can polish silver really, really well?

After that little discovery, Mr. P and I both made a habit of polishing one goblet per day – and I emphasize, Mr. P did at least his fair share of this project. Probably that’s because he knows that if he starts cleaning, I start cleaning as if we have some sort of who-can-clean-more rivalry going on. Usually all he has to do to get me to do housework is start doing housework himself, and I’ll drop whatever I’m doing and say “Nooooo I was going to clean the bathroom” and start spraying Tilex everywhere like there is a bathroom cleaning competition and I’ll be damned if he wins it.

But I digress! The silver, we polished all of it! Finally, I no longer stare forlornly at the grody silver on the shelves during dinner every night!

Okay, so I didn’t take the best photo, what with the chandelier obscuring our handiwork. But that’s because I was trying to show off something else I polished with the little polishing cloths. I mean, otherwise Mr. P would have won the imaginary silver polishing contest, right?

This platter was a sort of award/thank-you gift for my work with an elementary school choir back in the day. And while I was quite flattered to receive it, I didn’t ever bother to polish it. Obviously. Because I am bad at having nice things.

With my new little polishing cloths, though, I was able to get this guy all shiny and pretty while pacing around my living room practicing my lectures! Multitasking for the win! And I somehow managed to do it all with a single cloth. Those little things pack a punch.

Then I started rearranging things, because I have house-staging on the brain for our upcoming move. Check out how fancy our dining room table is now! This is way classier than I am:

Just like my strangely large collection of silver, I seem to have amassed quite a bit of crystal too. Might as well use it, I suppose! I’m pretending that the modern-print table runner offsets the frou-frou silver and crystal without looking too bizarre together. The crystal bowl and platter had been on a nearby side table, while the candlesticks had spent most of their life on my mantle before getting moved over here. And yes, you need not worry, after I took this photo I moved the candlestick on the right two inches over, so it rested on the same part of the pattern as the one on the left. Mom.

Anyway! While I was mixing up the décor from the mantel, I decided to deal with this guy that had also been hanging out on the mantel for the last forever:

MORE SILVER. Correction: MORE TARNISHED SILVER. Good gracious, lady.

So, yes, this little piano needed some TLC as well, even if it gets boxed up for staging purposes. One little jewelry wipe later and...

Different time of day, but you get the idea!

So yes, those jewelry wipes are pretty great. They’re easy enough to grab and use quickly to polish a single item without committing to polishing all the silver in your house (which for me is apparently a whole freaking lot). Plus, I have enough wipes left to polish everything again! Watch for that blog post in... oh... five years!


Tina said...

ahem... I have some more silver for you to inherit... guess I need to get myself a box of those wipes, too.;-)